Sadly, some people die as virgins (19 photos)

  • Mikky

    okay, the guy with the mario sweater vest is DEFINANTLY getting laid. lmao.
    So is the guy with the gameboy necklace xD

  • Ro

    is that Spike Lee?

  • Carli

    Gameboy necklace guy can get it. 🙂
    and that Mario sweater is awesome.

  • grassefe-online

    necesidad de comprobar:)

  • Mr.Doom

    number 6 cant be virgins they look like rapists also number 10 is a stud

  • Bob

    The kid in the nitindo sweater looks like a young Bill Gates

  • Humanity

    love how pretty much every single picture has to do with video games.

    Forgotten about your own shitty lives looking the same but with out a controller in hand fellas?

    You know, like spending your time doing a job that requires nothing but staying constistently mindless, reposting funny pictures from reddit?

    With these "funny" pictures you shoot down almost half of your supporters.

    As well as shooting down yourselves.

    • Humanity

      even the ones that arent about video games, seriously look at yourselves in the mirror.

      You will almost definitely see an asshole staring back at you.

      I feel sorry for virgins I dont shit on them for failing.

  • Always Last


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