So, um, you like video games too? (20 Photos)

gamer girl lead So, um, you like video games too? (20 Photos)

  • arms

    thanks for that last one, chive

    • bastian

      without the last one i wouldn’t have been able to stand up in front of my co-workers. Thanks Chive

      • mook

        The last one is what true video game female fans look like.

    • hmm....

      the fat one would be pretty if she wasnt fat!!

      • Shillio

        I was thinking the same!

  • Pete

    finally, some asses on the chive!

  • chrisdg74

    Could have done without the hippo in the last picture.
    Where were all these girls at before I got married?!?! I can’t even get her to watch, much less play Call of Duty.

    • sock puppet

      Brother, I think that’s part of your problem. If someone asked me to watch them play a video game, I would grab a beer and watch TV in another room.

  • c4vemanlawyer

    Chicks that game are just hot -nuff said.

  • anon

    Video games have made my wife fat. Well, and chocolate. And marriage, I guess.

  • God

    I’m SURE that MOST of these girls are REALLY GOOD and KNOW A LOT about video games.

    • Mustafa_Beer

      God would agree…. we need a sarcasm font!

  • Charlize

    I consider myself somewhat attractive and i’m a COD addict 🙂

    • garp

      …considering oneself attractive doesn’t count, however, a note from your mom saying you are cute will be sufficient

      • Jon

        Or you could just send us all pictures similar to the ones in this post and we’ll be the judge.

        • TITO

          I agree with my friend over here

  • Charlize's Mom

    my daughter is attractive boys. I’d say more hot than cute in fact

    Char’s milf mom

    • TITO

      Ma'am, I'll have to ask for pictures

  • AlabasterWashington

    Looks like Optimus Prime is about to om nom nom

  • Charlize's Dad


    • Anonymous

      Bitch my sandwich wont make itself!

  • Mattythegooch

    Hahaha!! Touche’ to Charlize’s Mom!

  • T

    #1 for me

  • kp

    Well Charlize’s Mom…..does the apple fall far from the tree??? (in the cute/hot dept)

  • Matt

    wow way to kill it with the last one.

    • cheezebits

      It's strange that she has two bellies and a gunt.
      I think there is something between the folds…maybe Stewie Griffin?

  • Regina

    especially the last one….with a couple of bakeries next door…lol

  • Anonymous

    Looking at her face I bet the last one would be hot as hell if she lost 200lbs

    • sock puppet

      That was my first thought but I think it’s closer to 3 bills.

  • xkasiax

    You know, and I’m just putting this out there, but that fat chick would be pretty cute if she lost 250-ish pounds. I mean, hey, she has a cute face, aaaand… she’s probably a pretty cool person too.

  • abrasive

    MAN! That last one is gorgeous!

  • Clickawut

    Stop ripping the Holy Taco !

  • Eirik

    C-C-C-C-C-C-Combo breaker!

  • confused

    ahh if only they lived close to me

  • HellHathAHairyBum

    The last one has a cute face.
    She just needs to go on a major diet then have surgery to cut off the excess skin.
    Meh not worth it, she can die a virgin.

    • HellHathNoFury

      Wax will help you with your posterior affliction. If you add an ‘r’ to my name, it’s ‘HellHathNoFurry’, so take my advice, young grasshopper.

  • Paul Tingle

    i want 2 get my finga smelly in da last one she is well fit

  • top dog

    No serious butt crack here, but still, I guess playing video games in your panties is pretty sexy. But, playing naked would be better. HA HA HAAAA!!! Contemplate this on the tree of woe.

  • Brandon


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