• diddle

    my gut hurts

  • Paul winston

    so full of WIN

  • uberbrie

    Greatest post of all time!!!

  • Eric

    might be the greatest I’ve seen to date.

  • HellHathNoFury

    I can’t believe that the legal-system welfare-office boy is calling the mad genius names!
    SHUN!! I must find him and shank him with a machete concealed within a paper towel roll.

    • Anonymous

      You have the hottest smile!

    • confused

      i bet hellhath had practice shanking a few in the pen. Counting on the level of bad assness I bet she was tops. Let me know next time ill drop money in the commissary

      • HellHathNoFury

        I got a teardrop tattoo next to my eye and several on my knuckles and freshly-shaven scalp, and I wear wife-beater everywhere now. I keep my soap in my socks, biatch.

        • Michaellovesmissy

          i believe….

          • HellHathNoFury

            i’m down with OPP tonight, hope to see you there.

        • P-90

          I’d heard tha you have ‘Love’ and ‘Hat’ tats on your knuckles because you lost a finger in a tear-up.

          • HellHathNoFury

            With Chuck Norris and a bear. I love hats.

  • ladyguitarstar

    jail’s hardened you, Fury. 😉

    This was pretty funny, ty kive.

  • at work

    that site is epic

  • Barr

    omg that was truly hilarious

  • Dingo

    worth getting kicked out of lecture class

  • Dom

    I actually can’t remember the last time I laughed this hard. I’m crying this is so funny.

  • top dog

    That is funny as hell!!…..HAAAAAAAAhahahaha!!..

  • mike

    i cried i laughed so hard at that, ive never done that before!

  • sma11time

    Pure internet gold.

  • Regina

    ahahahahaha………..this is the irony of it all

  • Krashtester

    That was hilarious, his correspondence is so matter of fact….. Amazing technology he used in disguising them, I wonder why the unstable one didn’t want them?

    The Chive and people like this guy rock!

  • cbeck

    I just pee’d alittle in my pants and im at work falling out of my chair this isnt good… but the article is ABSOLUTELY full of WIN.

  • boneman

    this is great!

    makes me want that spoon/knife at the beginning.


  • dontevenreplyer is awesome
    this one is just an average post there are so many more that are even better

  • Hotdog Neck

    I want the cereal.

  • Anonymous

    so funny… maybe the best ive seen

  • edip

    tissue box disguised Benelli M3 might work as hell…if you use TP instead of tissue it might work like silencer.. who knows..

  • The Snake

    Hahaha. No one will -ever- notice that they’re guns. 😛

  • bryainiac

    the cup full of lead line made me die

  • szak5


  • mook

    I hope you get hit by a car. fuck off, eat shit, and die.
    My sentiments exactly.

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