• Anonymous

    Photoshopped, check around some body building forums and you can find this, and the before shopped picture

  • pundit

    C clamp!

  • Brandilion

    um, gross. cyclists, putting strippers to shame for years!

    • Penis

      Her legs make her look like the elephant man

    • BigE

      As an athletic person I like it, others here may be afraid that she would kick their a$$. She is small so her legs look bigger on her but she is P.H.A.T. (pretty, hot and tempting).

  • billthewelder

    She’s flexing her muscles otherwise her legs would be a bit bigger than normal but not what you see now.

    • pres

      sorry, billthewelder, I completely disagree

      • Pres Eats Dick

        What are you stupid of course she is flexing.

  • uber guy

    yeah, those things are friggin huge. (still hit it)

  • Patrick

    Heck no its not too much! Who is this girl!?!?!?!

  • HellHathNoFury

    toned and in shape is acceptable. This is bordering upon frightening.

    • aaron

      Agreed. A flat stomach is hot, a six pack is terrifying. It’s also intimidating because I am a fat skinny guy, not to be confused with a skinny fat guy.

      • Lionhearte

        I’m still confused.

  • Yanush

    normally i would say it is. but i think she’s hot

  • Patrick

    yeah . . . she is smokin!

  • Alan

    Whoa!! Do you know how tight that shit would be? Sign me up

  • jay

    A bit much, but I think it is because she is flexing. She is still hot IMO.

  • Big Bob

    I’d be afraid those legs would snap my neck!

  • Chris

    Now Auditioning for the nutcracker….. I’d be affraid to put my head down there

    • is.

      you gotta admit, that'd be a cool way to die

  • uberbrie

    I like it…i’m down like a clown with a frown

    • Anonymous

      OG Loc!

  • at work

    upper body sure

  • Angelo

    She looks good to me! Toned and healthy.
    I’d give her $20 just to smack me around for a while!

  • john

    Does anyone know who this girl is?

  • Imonfyre

    I, for one, would also like to know what she looks like from behind

  • LOL

    I bet quarters would bounce off her ass. Wow.

    • MmmCake

      I'd bet a whole roll of quarters would bounce off that ass.

  • Gonz

    he he come to butthead

  • Francis

    …in a heartbeat. no question

  • anon

    She could make you nut with just one squeeze of her thighs…(squeeze it right out of you)

  • Naked Ape


    Well, maybe. She’s pretty hot though. Nothing wrong with being in shape.

    Hell, I like the looks of a few olympic speed skaters, and they have bigger legs than this.

  • top dog

    Oh, I’ll tap that booty, but I’ll be damned if I let her clamp down on my neck with them thighs.

  • Nick

    She didn’t even have to pull her shorts down to get that picture but I’m glad she did…

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