Daily Afternoon Randomness (26 Photos)

fantastic idea lead Daily Afternoon Randomness (26 Photos)

Hey all,
We’ve added a new feature to our galleries. Each photo now has a corresponding number. Now you don’t have to do the mental math to figure it out. This saves valuable time and allows you to get back to getting laid faster.
Many of the photos you see in today’s ‘Randomness’ were sent in by our awesome users. TheCHIVE is only as good as you make us, so send in your most bonkers photos to thechivesubmit [at] gmail [dot] com. Do it for your country!

Chive On!
-John n’ Leo

  • brittany

    Awesome foot tattoos

    • P-90

      She’s got the whole world at her feet.

  • damn

    holy good god bicycle chic.

  • kp

    Girl with bike…..two thumbs up!

    • P-90

      Not without buying her a drink first.

  • Mark

    i do like the new numbers. now i can say
    #19 – huge rack
    #17- nice kitty
    #6 – you and me both buddy

  • Captain Pasty

    18 is Bryce Canyon?

    • Laura


  • urlrich

    19 has huge canyons

  • http://billthewelder.wordpress.com billthewelder

    19 is the same chick walking down the street in a blue and white striped tank top with the Toronto sky needle in the back ground.

  • wally

    #7 is a piece by Australian(?) artist Robert Mueck(?) who creates larger-than-life, ultra-realistic sculptures. He was featured right here on the Chive at one point. His stuff is somethin’ else – try googling him.

  • wally

    Sorry – RON Mueck.

  • HellHathNoFury

    I am scandalized and infuriated with the portrayal of Toph from Last Airbender.

    • MichaelGS

      she really let herself go after Ozai got his ass handed to him

    • Lolwut

      Okay, so I was kinda skeptical about the cast from the movie but after seeing this, I can’t help but feel content with the current cast.

  • Regina

    Ok…the fat girl is not just huge, BUT she is….. WTF??!!!

    • nelly02

      that is the most disgusting thing i’ve seen for a long time.

  • Anonymous

    #25 – looks more like Space Ghost than Batman.

  • Frank Reynolds

    # 18 is definitely Bryce Canyon.

    Basset Hounds FTW!!

  • Brandon

    #6 – Couldn’t agree more.

    And finally a reason to move to Uganda!

  • Jack

    chivers – let’s get the name of #19 OR the girl in toronto with the massive rack

    • Smurf

      I agree with Jack. Who is this mythical being, and when/where can we see more of her?

  • Paul Tingle

    i lik da numbers dey mak it ez

    peace out

    • Columbo

      Yor comments bring me joy

  • P-90

    Pic 1 is a fantastic idea if you want a front-bitten winky.

  • Nobody

    #24 The irony is painful.

  • rusty

    Maybe I’m just dense, but what am I supposed to see in #8? Is the girl with the arrow over her head a celebrity I should recognize? Is she just a random chiver who sent in the pic?

    • LOL

      I didn’t quite get that one either…except for the fact orange one & the girl in the center is getting felt up by the girl on the far right. (shrug)

      • LOL

        I claim “It’s damn early for me”/highness for my grammar just now…”fact orange”…yep…that’s what I meant to say. Suuuuuuuurrrrrrre. 😛

  • Mattythegooch

    “I am so high right now”…………couldn’t be more true!! Happy Friday, Chivers!!!

  • Ken


    #8…I think the thing of note is the severe sunburn on the one girl.

    #6…funny caption BUT what is being portrayed there? Is that God’s hand removing the “rocket crown?” I don’t understand the significance?

    #13…the aftermath of body building?

  • at work

    #17 is so hot

  • norm

    First, great idea with the numbers. Next step would be to be able to just comment under each individual pic. Yeah?

    Second, what’s with #8 – am I missing something there?

  • Warped

    What is that actors name that has the bike…. ohh so hot

  • HellHathNoFury3

    17! meow

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