It’s like spitting, picking, and grunting -guys can’t help it. (30 photos)

  • chrisdg74

    Can you really blame us?? You ladies are HAWT.

  • kales

    #17….I think it’s an impossibility not to stare as it’s just so confounding.

    #22…those are damn near perfect.

  • shureiman

    много отечественных фото))

  • P-90

    The girl in pic 19 is pretty.

  • Dave

    I’m pretty sure the dude from #22 is a serial killer

  • norm

    Ha – is #15 the Christian Side Hug crew??

  • B-Man

    Bad Santa!

  • sanji

    #18 come here and i'll treat you right. Your job won't suck anymore 😀

  • Brandon

    #23 does this work on older galleries too??? haha Jennifer Walcott from Playboy… if you didn't look, your Man card should be revoked!

  • checkitout

    #23 Always loved Jennifer. The rack is man made but she has a killer bod. Great legs and a super ass.

  • HamptonsWorld80

    Biggest boss goes to #20

  • Ian-Andrews

    That Father Christmas One……Is So Wrong

  • Bubbawubba Gump

    None of these guys ever heard of sunglasses? Only reason I wear them.

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