Julia Parshuta: Russia’s Jessica Alba (18 photos)

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  • Jon

    Is it just me, or does she look a lot like Alicia Keyes in photo #16? Either way, she is a beautiful woman.

    • kagan han

      julia is the most beautiful girl of the world
      and she is my topface friend

  • garp

    …more Denise Richards than JA

  • confused

    nothing on Jessica Alba

  • krisb

    So she’s hot and can’t act? Yup just like Jessica Alba.

  • ozzie

    jessica alba kills her,still fine though.

  • Balls deep

    i like her, she drives a VW

  • Woody

    Meh. My girlfriend is hotter. /standard Chive thread douchebag who last had sex with his own mattress

    • Big Bob

      Ok Woody, prove it – have your GF hold a sign saying “Hello Chive, from Woody”. They’ll post it the next time they have a “We have hot Chivers among us” list. And remember, most of us are pretty good at spotting Photoshoped pics.

      BTW- what’s up with your obsession with douchebags and masturbation? (You’ve mentioned it in more than one post now)

  • BillyBlaze

    But does she has Alba’s ass?

  • Big Bob

    She loses points for posing with the Celine Dion star but gains them back by holding the Beatles pillow. Definitely hot but not an equal to Alba, and I’m not really a fan of Alba!

    • Brandon

      Haha, i thought the exact same thing.

  • Leonardo

    Those crazy Russians, mighty fine indeed

  • dabombishere123

    she doesn’t really look like Jessica Alba. Actually, in pic 14 she looks more like Keira Knightley. But she’s still damn hot!

  • Camel Joe

    she’s hot and all, but to call her a russian jessica alba and not show ass? not cool.

  • Alex

    Hey, who is she? I am Russian and i have no idea!

  • major quimby

    jesusmotherfuckinchrist!!! who’s Jessica Alba?

  • sabina

    je l'adore,elle est trop belle.She is very beautifull

  • Huge

    She is more beautiful

  • jaaaaaaaaaa

    She''s Russias Luisana Lopilato rather then Alba

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