Tiny animated gifs that pack a big punch (9 gifs)

  • Nick4444

    the baby and then second soccer ones are the best.

    • Nick4444

      i meant the 3rd soccer one.

      • Big Bob

        They’re on the same team (3rd soccer gif) so I wonder if they’re making fun of an opposing player’s fake injury?

        • kma

          Yes, they where actually making fun of this guy:

          • wanglong

  • confused

    ouch is the only thing to come to mind

  • at work

    hahahahaha hilarious

  • Anonymous

    why do i get the feeling that the basketball guy didn’t live…

  • Ken

    I have trouble watching the kid impale himself on the pole. That looked potentially lethal. The face plant dancer and splashing model made me laugh.

  • Jay

    Good god.. the dancer guy! I could literally feel his face cracking.

  • P-90

    The second football one is great.

  • Huh

    Man… that second one is horrific.

  • lol

    haha the baby made a frontflip

  • bazinga

    haha his little jew hat fell off

  • !S!WCRTESTINPUT000000!E!


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