Alfa Romeo 2017 concept car is…awesome….? (6 Photos)

This new Alfa Romeo is a concept car developed by American designer Jacob MakMerri in Los Angeles. Is this amazing or just strange??


  • Mattythegooch

    Very Euro-Trash.

  • shade

    gonna have big problems parking this thing.

  • Slauterhause

    I’d go so far as to say it’s fugly.

  • d3

    From the side (pic 3), it’s very similar to a mustang.

    • Channy

      I don’t see that at all… a challenger maybe but not a mustang

    • Tyler Mars

      yea not even close

  • Matt

    really strange and ugly looking.

  • pheref

    from the side the front 2/3 has potential. The back is tragic.

  • billthewelder

    Awfully long tail section but I can see where they are going with that idea to cut down on drag and reduce fuel cost. I like it but then again I keep an open mind to new design concepts that go outside of the box.

  • brittany

    It looks like it would eat ur soul

  • Regina

    I am turned on already……

  • daniPaul

    here we go….a bunch of loser giving their stupid opinion. alfo made this design to prove that they know how to build cars. conceptes are for show off..every car manufacture makes concepts to brag.

    but anyway people, i hope u enjoy driving ur hyundai or toyota.

    • Tyler Mars

      alfa didn't make this concept, nice try

  • P-90

    That’s really ugly…….I much prefer the Salfa Romeaab.

  • Wunderstamp

    Opinions are like assholes.

    Opinion from an asshole.
    If you had any taste, you would agree that italian design should be high in your ranking.

  • Irwin109

    It’s nice yet very, very weird!

  • ekd

    i like it..:)

  • ekd

    its design goes out of the usual car designs i often see..

  • qewrqwer

    omg look at the bottom. and the way the logo is folded…

    i disiaik it.

  • Kevin O'Connell

    That back end is RETARDED.

  • johnnybg

    dude.. FUCKING CHILL

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