High-Tech Ultra Visible Crosswalk Design…really? (3 Photos)

This concept of using a laser visible crosswalk design is supposed to help drivers pay attention to pedestrians and avoid plowing them down in crosswalks. This idea, from South Korean designer Hanyoung Lee, involves projecting laser images of the pedestrians who are in crosswalks. I’ll admit it’s interesting, but why the F@$k do we really need this?!

  • HellHathNoFury

    If you’re not going to stop for a human being, you’re not going to stop. Between pedestrians who run out in front of cars either to be pugnacious or simply from ignorance, and drivers who don’t pay attention, no amount of crosswalk tech is going to save anyone.

    • confused

      unless they create force-fields and use them at cross walks… that’ll make them stop

    • Big Bob

      Have you ever seen the video of the pole that comes up out of the ground during a red light (I think in Europe somewhere)? They sure stopped the cars in that video!

      • HellHathNoFury

        A lovely image is formed in my mind, of a Ferrari with a pole through the header…

        • Big Bob

          It would have to be backing up since most Ferrari’s are mid-engine! But no, that would not be a lovely image…unless the driver is a DB with the top 4 buttons of his shirt down to show off the gold chains! If you ever get a chance…drive one and you’ll never have a bad thing to say about Ferraris again! (I wish I could say I owned one but I don’t. I did once drive a gorgeous light blue 348GTS that my brother in law owned).

        • hobgob

          yeah I hate people with more money than me as well

  • Mattythegooch

    Or………and I believe I was taught this at the rip age of 3, look both ways before crossing the street and don’t walk in traffic. Because knowing is half the battle!

  • stafferty

    I have two words for you as to why we need this: Korean Drivers

  • Stafferty

    “why the F@$k do we really need this?!”. I have two words for you: Korean Drivers

  • garp

    …this device further thwarts the darwinian process, a necessary filter our society has almost all but rubbed out….DAMN YOU SAFETY DESIGNERS AND THE PADDED HORSE YOU RODE IN ON!!!….

  • Regina

    One word……..Why?…….

    If one is not stopping…he will not stop!!!!

  • maybe this would stop the assholes that turn right when pedestrians are crossing.

  • Yo Mama

    Well…I actually aim for the people in the crosswalks, so this will make it much easier.

  • Steve

    Instead of spending the hundreds of thousands of dollars on this crap, just hire people with stop signs for every crosswalk in the city. That way they can ensure that all cars are stopped before allowing people to cross and vice versa. Ensure all people have crossed before allowing cars to go again. It will eventually come to this so why try all the high tech crap? Just hire the people. Face it. We are too stupid not to have our hands held by the government.

  • Matt

    haha at least its another step towards the futuristicness of tomorrow.

  • mook

    Will there be a fake sign that count how many people I kill?

  • http://viva-wmaga.eek.jp/2010/02/15/1027 VIVA!Wマガジン » 歩行者のイメージ映像でドライバーへ注意を喚起するコンセプトデザイン。

    […] via High-Tech Ultra Visible Crosswalk Design…really? (3 Photos) […]

  • thatTXguy

    People get hit in crosswalks more often than you think. Also, how many people actually stop behind the white line at an intersection? Most people stop in the middle of the crosswalk, forcing pedestrians to walk in the intersection instead of the walkway.

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