Om non nom nom! (29 photos)

  • Anonymous

    hahahahah faf fat fatty fatass fatty
    also, crazyin fuckin asians

    • mook

      I hate fat people.

  • snarkotron

    WTF is that critter in #27?!? a seal maybe? if so, where is Heidi Klum? (groan)

    • God

      I was going to ask if 27 made anyone else think of Arrested Development.

  • Mattythegooch

    I’m craving corn on the cob. Grimmace made me shart my pants a wee bit.

  • Ken

    The Clarence Thomas of snake charmers.

  • BillyBlaze

    Kelly Clarkson needs to hit the gym

  • Clickawut

    This is Kelly Clarkson (In high pith Erics voice)

  • T

    haha grimace

  • HellHathNoFury

    I love the hiphipanonymous. The hiptoppopotamus. The hiphopahipatothehopaandahiphiphopandwedontstop

    • Coachtom

      Ha Ha Haaa…. Now that song is stuck and won’t stop… Thanks

    • coachtom

      DAMN IT. How did I find this again?????

  • wastingtime

    Anyone notice the killer sideburns and receding hair line on #8. Really creeping me out…

  • tommybhoy

    Am going to be like that kid in pic 14 when i hit the bar…… i have found you!

  • Anonymous

    i love being fat!, almost everyone i know is fucking fat….god bless america, anyone who diets is a racist cause thier not for Obamas amreica!

    I love you Obama!

    • Brandon

      Troll fail.

  • Jeff

    Chivers, what a stupid word to make up, sounds ridiculous. no such word. Would'nt their be a better word to use?

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