She’s giving you that look for a reason (8 Photos)

look caugh lol Shes giving you that look for a reason (8 Photos)

  • HellHathNoFury

    Look, I know you’re a blonde, but it’s fairly easy. Cover that shit up and he won’t look. Don’t advertise what you’re not selling *at least not to guys that aren’t hot and driving an Aston*
    Leather skirt+too much eyeliner+dyed blonde hair+ showing cleavage=available for the hawt sects. /bitchrant

    • nelly02

      Ha ha ha! Meeeeow!
      sorry, had to be said. she is rather pretty though! 🙂

    • Yo Mama

      You said it perfectly. Don’t advertise it if you dont want guys looking at it. However, guys that look dont need to stare….just do it so they don’t know youre lookin’, that’s all. Trust me…I’m a pro at checking out cleavage….even if it is usually my girlfriends that I am checking out. To me…her’s is the best cuz when I get all horny after checking her out, I know I can get some of that! haha

      • Anonymous

        Why would stare at your own girlfriends though?!? I see that shit all the time. I wanna see her friends’ boobies!

        • mook

          You bitches need to give up on telling guys to look, not look at bla bla bla and bla. What the hell are you going to do if I am staring at your tits? You have no authority over where peopel look. Period. Doesn’t even matter if its covered up we will stare at your tits.

          • HellHathNoFury

            What would i do? I’d punch you in your disrespectful face. wouldn’t be the first time.

            • UnwanteD

              To the dumb bitch above me. You do know that punching anyone in the face over a look is assault? Not to mention the fact that if you try that with a guy like me you will be drinking your meals out of a straw for weeks. Useless broad dumb c*nts like you alkways rush to put their hands on a man and then wonder why they get beat the fu*k up.

            • HellHathNoFury

              I can only imagine why you’re unwanted. I just got arrested this last Monday for knocking the living hell out of a man who decided to not only oogle, but to put his hands on my body. And yes, he hit back. I’m not under the ‘I’m a girl so you can’t hit me’ bullshit. If you touch me, I hit you. If you hit me back, you might win since I’m small, but I’ll still hurt you and I’m not going to go down easy. So why don’t you head back to the welfare office where your Jerry Springer brawling bitches are along with the lack of class you brought in with you.

            • thenewguy

              oh snap, supercunt in the house

  • Joe Clyde

    Is that his wife?

    You know what they say. If you want to sleep well at night. Don’t marry a beautiful woman.

  • at work

    who is that?

    • theStdg

      That, my friend, is Patricia Gilbert, the wife of the current best Belgian cyclist, Philippe Gilbert (the lucky guy with the big smile). The sneaky bearded guy is Prince Philippe of Belgium, he must be thinking ‘when I’m the king, I ‘m getting one of those…’
      Anyway, both Philippes are cool guys, but only one of them has a real hot wife. The princess, Mathilde, is kind of a milf, but by far not as hot as Patricia.

      • theStdg

        Update: apparently Gilbert and Patricia are not married.
        You want her: get a liposuction, learn how to ride a bike, get real good at it, become one of the world’s best cyclists, win lots of races, earn over 2 million dollars a year and maybe, just maybe she might have a look at you.

  • HellHathAHairyBum

    Shes pretty.
    I think she enjoyed the guy oggling her

  • Calidris

    Yes, that’s his wife and the guy with the beard is the prince of Belgium.

  • xclusive02

    Those two dudes behind here look like they are checking out her ass

    • confused

      I’m sure you would check out her ass if you where there, i know i would

  • Mattythegooch

    pardon me, Miss! I’ll have an order of “titty’s on the half shell”. Thanks.

  • Big Bob

    Can’t say I blame the guy but jeez…you gotta be more subtle about it!

  • Leonardo

    It looks like he’s picking his royal nose and eating it

  • Anonymous

    The guy on the left is a pro cyclist (Gilbert) and the blonde is his wife.

  • Moodzy

    He is the Prince of Belgium (the man with the beard)

  • MigraineBoy

    Oh yeah, we’re REALLY looking forward to having him on the throne…

  • gooniegoogoo

    hahaha It’s our Belgian Prince…(the guy with the beard)
    and the blonde is a soccerplayers wife…
    this was the first time the prince was at an event without his wife…

    • Steven

      Nothing to do soccer you cunt. Cycling… Sure you're Belgian? I think not. Piss off

  • Jon

    Looks like he’s trying to conceal a boner in the 3rd pic

  • Dr. Kenneth Noisewater

    Anyone who would be wondering who the bloke is, it’s supposed to be the heir to the belgian throne, Prince Philippe…

  • Anonymous

    Yet another amazing quote from The Chive’s resident attention whore.
    You’re a mother and you want to punch someone in the face? What kind of example is that to your trailer trash children?

    • Nobody

      So wait, it’s not okay for a mother to want to punch someone in the face? These rules are totally not fair!

    • HellHathNoFury

      My daughter has better manners than anyone in her class, gets grades that have put her into a fifth-grade curriculum in Math, Science and Literature, and she knows to walk quietly and carry a large stick. I’m glad I taught her to fight, being the smallest in her class at two years younger than her classmates. She has been attacked twice by larger girls, and both times, she ha come out on top. She could be the type to run crying to the principal and sue, but she takes care of herself, and I have come to her defense on one occasion. I can only imagine what would have happened to her if I hadn’t ‘set a bad example’ by attacking the man who tried to grab her in the Tacoma Mall. go on, judge me. I’ll be here with my awesome little lady, not taking shit from bullies.

      • LOL

        im sure im not the first to say, sure sure….

      • Forsho

        Look another Myspace HOE!!

        • HellHathNoFury

          I have neither myFace of SpaceBook. I wish people wouldn’t make silly presumptions.

          • Forsho

            Then quit making stupid comments on every little thing. You act like someone really gives a shit about what you have to say. You must be a very lonely woman to sit on here all day and make comments on every stupid little thing. I see your nasty mug on every damn category. Are you trying to go for the Chive Cock gobbler award?

            • DrRockso

              I’d bang her

  • Bobby Dan

    good zing anon, good zing.

  • Rebelist

    nice, belgian royalty at it’s best, potverdikke i’m proud to be a belgian.

  • Mu$£

    a hottie with an attitude
    i like.

  • Dreamy

    I’m surprised to see fellow belgians on thechive, though i shouldn’t be 🙂
    Our prince is a source of shame but the blonde makes up for it wouldn’t you agree?

  • damn

    i like pie.

  • Dude


    I found her name is Patricia Zeevaert

  • Steven

    I'd do her . No rubber dough 😉

  • zombie1988

    You know what, I don't think he's even looking down her top. Check out his eye line, particulally in the second picture. She's looking at the same thing, that's on or close to, the floor to her right. The convincer is the last picture. they're all looking at it.

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