Stop spamming Facebook with your engagement rings, it’s annoying (25 Photos)

rings lead fun Stop spamming Facebook with your engagement rings, its annoying (25 Photos)

There are so many cheesy engagement ring photos floating around Facebook you’d swear girls are only getting engaged so they can post a horrible profile picture with the caption, ‘Guess What?!!!!’ Admit it, most of you gals just do it to show off.
Oh, Happy Valentines Day, everybody!

Thanks to Chiver Raekwon for giving us this great idea a couple of days ago (yes, we do read all the emails)

  • nouu

    sometimes i wish i was gay cause women are sooo fucking stupid…but i like smeely snatch.

  • TheVillageIdiot

    Gawd almighty! Will you bitches cut it out? Trust me, no one cares and after 20 years (if you’re still married like me) you won’t give a rats rear end either.

  • treeeleaf

    numer 9 looks like dad rowdy roddy piper!!!

  • haha

    At least the picture of the ring on the flower was fairly tasteful…. But still, Jesus people! Who cares about your goddamn engagement?

  • OneClownShoe

    Diamonds….she’ll pretty much have to… : (_)(_)====D O-8}

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  • Samantha

    some of these are actually cute.. but I mean come on! Getting engaged the same time with your friends? Yeah that gonna be a disaster lol

  • Anonymous

    In 23, is that a mugshot on the refrigerator?

  • Nateb123

    All I can think of is a saying a few of my friends and I had. When in a bar the joke if someone was taking a married woman home was “Because a ring doesn’t fill a hole.” Not my proudest moment but nonetheless, it showed me how very shallow people are around the concept of marriage. These women think marriage is about a dress, a honeymoon, a day all about them and a big, expensive stone. There’s excited and then there’s bragging and the latter is not what I’d want to see in someone I’d have to be around for a day, let along a lifetime.

  • Anonymous

    #11…Holy Shit, are you kidding me???!! Love must really be blind. That dude ought to reconsider. That ugly bitch will only get worse with time.

  • peabody

    7 and 13 me want!!!!!!!!

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  • George Danger Cruz

    WHAT?!?! People do that when they get a proposal ring? i had no idea.

  • dave

    they all look the same, unimpressive and boring.

  • Mafiaprincess

    HHHAA you can tell which ones are the Cubics hahahahahah this is so lame and then the wedding and Bridezilla…………..take the money you would spend on a ring and wedding and buy a HOME ……….

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  • Kira

    I see nothing wrong with posting ONE picture of your ring. I did, of course, my ring cost a little over $1000 and it's a sapphire, not like the super expensive diamond rings some of my friends have. And I posted a picture 3 months after we got engaged and it was due to so many people from out of town asking to see it. Guys have tons of pictures of their cars, etc. so I don't see why out should be frowned upon. Again though, my fiancé and I are planning on getting eloped, so not much money will be spent on a dress or ceremony lol. So maybe I'm just a little different than these girls…

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