theCHIVE V-Day DIY condom bouquet for that someone special (12 photos)

  • Frearthandox

    That’s ummm…special guys…awesome.

  • Mattythegooch

    can i give my special gal a “pull and prey” bouquet? (that rhymed and you know it did, suckas)

  • c4vemanlawyer

    sexual harassment!

  • iskeet

    can i still put my dick in it?


    ooooohhhhhh!!!!!! so romantic!!!!!!!!!

  • Regina

    A lot of hands on his time……

    Time – Use it memorably!…he did

  • msftemp

    it would work as a dildo afterwards with a nice grip 🙂

  • w3rw0lf

    Selfmade dildo!?…nice.

  • brittany

    What is it filled with?!

    • mook

      Filled with love. Enough questions and accept it.

    • Kirby

      I think it’s spray foam insulation.

  • LOL

    That bouquet would just piss me off…you give me a dick like that, BUT NOTHING THAT I CAN REALLY USE?!?! Ohhhh no…Leo…there will be punishment for that. Now if you’d filled the condoms with say, dark chocolate…hard candy…yourself…chocolate dipped banana’s…SOMETHING besides spray foam…then we could talk…seriously!

    Side note…I want the hockey game in the background of the first pic. 😉

  • a little 2 the left...

    hmm looks like they could make good weapon after they dry…can you imagine someone mugging someone at…hardened condom-point?

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  • TheHolyToast


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