• Lionhearte

    Holy shit

    • Lionhearte

      No really- Holy Shit.

  • mook

    What again did this have to do with the breakfast club?

  • Matt

    Very cool. Its like ACII art. Really if you think of it its not that hard. Its the same way newspapers are made. dots closer together are used to make finer detail. It is extremely time consuming though, which is incredibly impressive.

  • Quest

    Good way to waste 2 weeks lol

  • Regina

    WOW…..seriously…I am speechless

  • aaaa

    quit posting videos with an ad roll before!

  • Luis0

    Epic waste of time…but i guess it was worth it?

  • Aldi

    That was really cool 🙂

  • Lion_Knight

    you can get computer programs to generate that stuff for you they were probably following a lay out from one of them. You just give it a pictures of the six sides of a six sided die and poof it renders you a mosaic

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