Electric cars of the future? (5 Photos)

I want to say “not on my watch,” but what do I know. I spend my nights watching old re-runs of Knight Rider and all four Rambo DVD’s (not necessarily in sequential order).

This 2010 Michelin Challenge Design, invited artists at all levels to create concept cars around the theme ‘Electrifying! Beautiful, Innovative and Radiant.’

  • slacker

    5th one, top left corner looks like a NOD unit from command and conquer first game.

  • mook

    I’ll walk in the future tyvm

  • http://firstfarmandweatherreport.blogspot.com/ maxwelldog

    DANG! I like tem ALL!
    (although the one with the ‘spacesuit’ seems a bit much)
    I’m always singing the praises of APTERAs..they only make them in California and Texas. But for between $20K and $40K you get a spacious vehicle that (hybrid) gets 300 miles per gallon!
    Heck, I drive a truck and I always feel like I’m chasing my tail. Sometimes even biting it!

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