It’s Monday, you could use some motivation (18 Photos)

  • Larry not cable

    that dude fucking loves coloring

  • Royalty

    hot chick motivators make my day

  • anon

    dont get 9

    • another anon

      It’s the postal code V4G 1N4

    • Big Bob

      as in “vagina”… (just in case)

    • vitorla

      V4G 1N4 = Vagina.

      Vagina [vah-jahy-nuh] –noun. the passage leading from the uterus to the vulva in certain female mammals

      • Big Bob

        Thanks Vitorla! And all this time my wife has been complaining…something about a “back door”?!? I guess that’s why she’s never gotten pregnant. Now I know…and knowing is half the battle!

    • funky cheese pits

      most people dont brag about not getting V4G1N4

  • anon

    lol thnx

  • Regina

    Ahhh…the photoshop come in handy

  • Big Bob

    Bumpy Road Girl (#15)… yes, you are as cute as hell but if they’re already hangin’ down to your belly at that young age…time will not be a friend to you.

    • HellHathNoFury

      Mmm, stretch marks.

      • leonrossoh

        @big bob: thats why plasti surgery exist…

        • Big Bob

          or course… the sad thing is, she’ll need it by the time she’s 30.

          • wastefull

            i would just make sure shes laying on her back so no gravity on them tittties

    • sock puppet

      Maybe but there are a few years to do a lot of dirty little things to her until then. I was one of many boyfriends of this one girl in HS who was known mainly for her big boobs. It was a shame, really, because she was very smart and in the gifted program. She had them reduced right after graduation and they still look pretty righteous at 40.

  • McBeastie

    Is number 1 missing an arm? And yes, I noticed the boobs first…then the arm.

    • Insert Name Here

      wtf, dammit now i can’t stop noticing

      • LOL

        Either she is very flexible and is holding it behind her back…or she is a one armed hot chick who likes Jack (or wine or whatever.) 1 arm or 2…she’d put a grin on your face. 🙂

        • Warped

          Maybe that’s why opportunity only knocks once…

          • Anon

            That just made my frigen day

  • kp

    I’ll take that bumpy road for a ride!! 😉

  • Eirik


    I giggled.

  • P-90

    I know it makes me sound like an old man, but I fucking hate flashmobs.

  • NiceVeryNice

    I now got a feeling …in my pants.

  • Frenchman

    For bumpy road girl, just check the reflection in the window…

  • Equalizer

    MOAR Pics on #7

  • jessie


  • Randy

    who the hell is the "bumpy road girl?!" would love to see more

  • Joey

    Anna Tanya is the chick from #15

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