One night in Athens (32 Photos)

  • Anonymous


  • aaron

    please tell me this is Athens, Maine????!!!!!!

    • krisb

      For sure it’s not Athens, OH.

      • chrisdg74

        Definately not. They all have WAYYY to many teeth. But I guess some could be Ohio U students.

        • Jon

          My family is from Athens, OH and I can assure you that the only people that live there that have all of their teeth are the ones that go to OU. But I seriously doubt that these pics are from there.

  • Aaron

    makes me want a gyro…………

  • Anonymous

    At least I can see this post. You guys really need to rename the facebook ones… Damn internet blocker.

  • sotos

    pou tis vrikane tis patsavoures!!!

  • at work

    some of them look like men, but most are hot damn

  • Hehe

    Hmm the facebook ones were hotter.
    Too many stds in this one.

  • Steevoz

    Girl in #7 needs razor….otherwise, great post!

    • ROR

      And you’d jump at the chance to fuck her, unless….uh oh…i think i have some bad news for you…

    • Hehe

      i thought that was a tattoo

    • BigE

      It’s a tat. At first I thought like you did, she needed to shave, then I thought what a bad place to put a black tat.

  • eROKv

    just a normal friday nite after the fish fry in athens, wi!

  • Dom

    Steevoz, I’m pretty sure that’s a tattoo. I don’t know of any hair that grows on women’s ribs.

  • Anonymous

    or Athens, GA??

    • Anonymous

      GA has an Athens too? Is that different than Atlanta?

      • Jon

        Good Lord, I hope you’re not serious…

        • Big Slick

          Seriously, who the hell knows where anything is in GA. It’s barely a state. I know the Olympics were there once. But on the same note, I know about the same of Idaho. Boise and Atlanta, what more is there to know.

          • Donkey Punch

            I’ve only been to the casinos in Atlanta. It wasn’t bad but it was no Vegas. These pics are from Greece tho.

    • chewspam

      ah . . the women of athen, georgia. home of the UGA campus and thousands of southern sorority girls. brings back memories.

  • Chachi

    Greek chicks do it in the butt!

  • Matt

    I want to go to Athens right now!!!!!

  • tdk


  • Leonardo

    Sufferin’ Succotash Socrates

  • loomragwoodtwin

    #31 FTW

  • markkens

    #25 needs my patented supersonic ass-smack

  • Regina

    Now that’s motivation………for “WHAT NOT TO DO”

    • HellHathNoFury

      Yeah, if you want to be ridiculously good-looking, rich, popular and such. An atrocity, for sure.

  • isawoj

    That chick in 27 ans 28 needs to cut that shit out right now. framing your eye with your fingers is on par with the kissy face fish lips too many women do in photos already.

    We don’t need you trying to start some other trend.

    • Warped

      Yes but did you also notice that the same guy is bombing those same chicks in 27 and 28… kinda funny

      • Hehe

        erm thats because number 27 and 28 are of the same girls…

        • Warped

          No shit, did I not just say that? Think before you comment

  • Dreamy

    dibs on #11, the one on the left! :p

  • confused

    Athens here i come

  • Music Nerd

    LOL @ #19’s failtat.

    And before you say it’s a mirrored image — one of the two of them will be wrong either way.

  • AmericanNinjaX

    What the fuck…all the way around the world and STILL the orange douchebags show up. It’s Athens!! Why doesn’t Zeus strike them dead?!

    • nomad

      Yeap its Greece…
      Bankrupt as hell
      Sexy as hell

      You are absolutely right

  • Nobody

    #26, yes please.

  • LUKE

    ATHENS FTW!!!!!!!!!!!

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