Rear Gear for your pet’s brown eye… finally!* (9 photos)


  • LOL

    What in the hell.

    • Aaron

      I second that.

  • confused

    okay who stares at an animals ass for that long that someone needed to create that

  • Nagrom

    The girl with that scrufft brown mutt is fucking sexy!!!!

    I wouldn’t mind handing something over HER brown eye. Like my cock

    • billthewelder

      Thats right ladies he’s single…..for a reason. :p

  • JohnnyBeerDrinker

    um what happens when the dog launches a turd monkey…… to you have to replace the “Rear Gear” aka the rear view mirror car freshener?

  • krisb

    Are these available for the thugs and gangstas who wear their pants too low?

  • Leonardo

    My dog would require counseling if that was hung over her smelly freckle, shes already afraid of her tail.

  • Regina

    WOW… THAT’s where extreme boredom leads to

  • mook

    Who is the target market?

    People who stare at their pets anus and wish there was something to cover it?

    Who put forth this idea, and who the hell said “Yes that sounds like a good idea!”
    We need to start shooting these people in the street.

  • chiverheckler

    It will only probably look good on small dogs. I can’t imagine a German Shepherd wearing that ‘gear’.

  • BOB

    WTF? Seriously, People, do you have too much time on your hands?

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  • AC

    OMG I haven’t laughed that hard in MONTHS!!! ‘brown eye’ omg rotf

    • Uhhhh

      That gives a new meaning to "giving someone the stank eye".

  • corey

    Tie this shit to a real house pet and see how long that shit stays on!

  • Conchy Joe

    Anything she wants to sell…..

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