Spanking new CHIVE upload feature has people this excited

submit lead Spanking new CHIVE upload feature has people this excited
Hey All,
We’re rolling out our new upload feature today and it’s better than riding the space shuttle while eating donuts. The CHIVE only works because ya’ll make it work. Our users provide many of the hilarious photos you see every day and our new upload feature will make it even easier to submit your crazy pics. We personally go through every photo and we try to respond to the photos we’ll use. So go here and kick the tires on this bad boy. Do it for your country!

Chive On!
– Leo n’ John

  • Peter Perry

    tried it. it’s actually really simple

  • TM22

    Yessssssss *fist pump*


  • Irwin109

    In the words of Facebook “Irwin109 Likes This”!

  • Simon

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