We should rename Presidents Day, Awesome Day. (35 photos)

  • effemel

    God Bless Boobs

  • anon

    27, the new abu dahbi tower?? allready hit by lightning?? 😀

    • Tim

      The Burj Kalifa, yes. I believe it gets struck on a regular basis and there are some pretty amazing pictures already.

  • Franky

    #1 I had those!! They were always broken!

    • blueberryvoodoo

      and those rubber bands were hard as hell to get on

  • c4vemanlawyer

    #14 yum!

  • Anonymous

    another awesome post!!

  • damn

    great post guys (*read: I LOVE TITTIES YEAHHHH!!!)

  • laurennoss

    i had some moon shoes once, and i agree they did always break but they were awesome

  • at work

    i agree with damn

  • Weezy

    #18 likes it like that too

  • Danny

    Pic 10 is MIke Brown, WEC former featherweight champ in costume. I guess he dressed up as a douchebag for this party.

  • BillyBlaze

    Can somebody get me an area code for 16. Please and thank you

  • Blipflip

    i don’t get 32?

  • Anonymous

    Bears can ride horses!? Well we’re F’d

  • krisb

    OK, wet girls and breasts…..always awesome. Right now though #24 is the best!

  • vitorla

    I’ve done number 8 before. Bloody scary.

  • Brandon

    I love you, #12.

    • Jethro

      Wait I have a sliver in my shorts. Nope just a little wood! All hail the cheap T, no bra, side boob! SCHWING!

  • Leonardo

    how can somebody in a shower look so Durty

  • Regina

    Strictly random…

    Happy President’s day!!!!

  • Captain Pasty

    #24, reckon she’s leaving her kid, and hence is crying in sadness, or is reunited with her kid, and hence crying out of happiness?

  • totallyunwhack

    23….i wish i could do that. kudos.

  • Ashley

    who is the guy from #29?

  • Dave.

    #29 is Lord Maurice Berkshire (source: Wikipedia). #10 is Carrot Top.

  • JKMcD

    I think its time for an Aussie post. The girls from down-under posted as of late are awesome. I beleive (from the flag float) that #11 is some of the lovelies from Oz.

  • archerofhearts

    #22 was perfect

  • Always Last


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