• Mad


    the main reason i browse this site is because it is not blocked by my work’s internet restrictions…. however facebook is 😦

  • Rusty

    Fuck facebook. If the pictures are here, I’ll keep coming here, but I will not – repeat NOT – go to facebook. Not a problem for the Chive, I know – they won’t even miss me – but I’m just sayin’.

  • Sweet Jimmy

    Still not going to Facebook for Chive pictures. Stop doing this crap, Chive!

  • huh

    Facebook = lame.

  • Sub

    Same here, I refuse to go to Facebook…

    No need for it, the Chive is already in full awsome mode.

    Chive rocks

  • dr3w

    lame. i, like the Mad one, can’t access Fbook at work. I wanted to SEE this!

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