The world would be a boring place without freaks (29 photos)

  • uberbrie

    21 is shopped

    • LOL

      Yep. Fuzzy grass on the toes. Perhaps the freakishness in that pic is that someone tried to shop it together?

      Pregnant bikini beauty contest? Okay. That’ll work. I guess. 😮

      I don’t really know what to say about some of these. “Glad they have hobbies”? 😛 And that they aren’t in my neighborhood? 😛 {shrug}

    • Anonymous

      21 shopped too

  • rusty

    19 has some serious man-boobage.

  • Alice

    Aw, come on – the girl with the blue hair (7) doesn’t belong here.

    • Dave

      I thought so too. I also don’t get why the pigsty in #23 is in this list as well.

  • P-90

    26 and 27 are just fucking idiots.

    • Leonardo

      It’s on their heads, what’s it got to do with you?

      • P-90

        Nothing, dosen’t change the fact that they are fucking idiots.

      • exexec

        Has nothing to do with us, personally, but I find it interesting that those types typically have no problem disagreeing with your politics, the kind of car you choose to drive, your career, etc., but if you should happen to mention it’s a bad idea to tattoo themselves up like Frankenstein or imbed plastic stars under the skin of their forehead, you get hit with “you can’t judge them.” Yes, I can. Actually, I prefer to think of it as trying to get them to think about the consequences of doing stupid s**t ahead of time. You tattoo a scar across your forehead at age 20, you pretty much work the French fry line for the next 50 years. If that’s the price you’re willing to pay, fine…just don’t get upset when other people take it for what it is: abject stupidity.

  • billemazing

    Wow, I feel so much better about myself now.

  • Battleangel

    #2 has a Mon Chi Chi on his hat. I haven’t seen one of those in like 25 years…..

    • inspectmyclouseau

      and what is that exactly?

      • inspectmyclouseau

        haha wait nvm. Just googled it.

    • Anonymous

      Thats what you noticed? Not the pine-cone necklace, not the 5(6?) goldfish that he is wearing as earrings and as a hat topper, or even the fact that his face is creepy as hell?

  • redhatsociety

    taylaut’s twin in 22

  • MotherJugs

    Ah #1 and 5, good old Leslie he’s always such an interesting chap

  • Joey

    Chive did you mean better instead of boring?

  • CunningLinguist

    omg, i almost pissed myself when i saw the dude with the batman tattoo, i was laughing so hard, i was like “fuck me, i hope thats not a real tattoo” and then i realized, oh ya, these people are meat headed shit sacks….. hahahahaha

    ps, i need to get a pic of it, but theres a dude here near where i work who has tattoos of lipstick kisses all over his neck. i thought it was a joke the first time i saw it

  • zzilla

    #1 & #5 are the same dude. His name is Leslie and he’s a sort of folk hero transvestite from Austin, Tx. He ran for mayor a few years ago, but was not elected, sadly

    • wickedjack

      i heard he's actually really rich

  • JDR

    LESLIE!! Great Austin Staple. I actually interviewed him for a school project when I was at UT.

  • Regina

    AHAHAHAHAHA…and I thougt the clubkids’ days were over…….

  • Aaron

    Rainbow mime from hell will forever haunt my dreams.

  • Dave

    Good ol’ Leslie keeping Austin weird. Glad to see his audience is expanding!

  • vitorla

    This is seriously the most self-esteem-raising collection of pictures I’ve ever seen. *pat on the back, old boy*

  • russia

    my self esteem has risen 1000%, thanks chive

  • MichaelGS

    am i the only one who’s dreams will be haunted by #13 for the foreseeable future? i don’t think i can look at another watermelon without seeing the eyes

  • Ken

    I’m holding out at least a little hope that the tattoo on #27 is a fake. Nice bunch.

  • Summer

    You leave my Dickie (#3) alone! 🙂 Love this page.

  • Dummkopf

    If I took my snake bites out I could do what #4 is doing.

  • Fred

    #12 … can anyone explain? please?

  • Roder

    Austin just isn’t the same without Leslie. His passing did make the mainstream more aware of the plight of the “fringe”.

  • zizig

    Why #7? Why?:x

  • wickedjack

    #1 lol leslie from Austin. You can always find him walking up in down sixth st in a thong. That guys a legend around here for some reason. No joke, there's actually action figures of him

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