The world would be a boring place without freaks (29 photos)

  • JDub

    #29 is seriously disturbing! all these people have serious f*ing problems but that guy should get locked up, detoxed and evaluated


  • sveilien

    #20 worked at the car dealership my GF worked for. He didn't last long.

  • molv

    new era revolution adult site
    hope u will like it

  • JungleJuice

    #26 Moby?

  • TDub66

    #9 WEBN in Cincinnati, Ohio – "Miss Morning Sickness" Contest

  • Slim

    THANK YOU CHIVE… I needed this post to help lighten my otherwise dreary day. Number 28 needs a mental health intervention because he sure enough looks predatory…

  • Erin Garcia

    Most of them are sooo weird they scare me and on # 27 & # 26 they really creep me out 

  • Rose

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