There’s theme parks, and then there’s Bon Bon Land (30 Photos)

bon bon lead Theres theme parks, and then theres Bon Bon Land (30 Photos)

Bon Bon Land is a lot like Eurotrash Disneyland. Located in Denmark, the themes center around cartoon characters the same is Disney – only these toons are quirky, bizarre, disturbing, and perverted; they’re often seen pissing or exposing themselves for example.
‘Bon Bon’ is the name of a candy company in Denmark that makes candy based on strange characters. Their most popular candy is named ‘Dog Fart’. So come out out to Bon Bon Land and take a enchanting ride on ‘The Horse Dropping’, ‘Hundeprutterutchebane’, and the wildly-popular ‘Dog Fart Switchback.’

  • Anonymous

    I hope to god that no furry ever finds out about this place.

    • Furry

      Too late.

  • HellHathNoFury

    interesting, but I wouldn’t take my child there. Just the other side of too pedorific.

  • dino goposaur

    If America wasn’t so litigious, we could have crap like that.

  • Frearthandox

    Ratings and Suggestions?!?! You just keep getting better don’t you Chive.

  • Anon

    I believe I can sum up this post in one word…(ahem)…. wat?

  • ticoo

    i suck them cow titties dry

  • T

    if there was ever a park that needed a Mr Pedobear’s Wild Ride, this is it.

  • chazz

    Gotta love those Europeans.

  • Mustafa_Beer


  • Netm

    The Dannish are really relaxed about bodily functions and drinking.
    Also the BonBon candy is pretty damn tasty.

  • rso

    they’re not relaxed – they’re obsessed.

  • gnarbucketz


  • Anonymous

    Pictures come from

    • Exmouse

      Actually the first picture comes from

  • Wykah

    pics from themeparkreview

  • any

    As a Dane who has in fact been to Bon Bon Land I have to agree with you on the whole creepy theme park thing. Even though we do not allow censorship in our country this is by far one of the weirdest theme parks in DK. Kids love it though!

  • Magen

    yess chive!! i sent you this!!

  • Regina

    the best -only at Denmark

  • kp

    Fully weird!!!

  • The Snake

    if it gets abandoned then it really becomes creepy as shit, lol

  • Eirik

    “Det er deilig å være norsk – i Danmark” is a famous slogan that Denmark uses to advertise themselves in Norway. There is nothing “deilig” with this park, it just seems creepy.

  • Mike

    It is not as creapy as it might seem. The rides are actually a lot of fun – for kids as well as for adults. Try it out before you judge it. 🙂

  • chiverheckler

    I’ll go there for fun but I’ll probably have nightmares after.

  • P-90

    I’d heard that Euro Disney had to be closed down becaue the locals heard resports of six-foot mice.

  • TabitaW

    I was borned and raised in Denmark, but I never for one second even considered how creepy Bonbonland must look if you’re a tourist just popping by till I saw this. Now that I think about it, I can see why people think it’s so weird but growing up with it just existing and going there every other year it’s just not that odd. The characters are all based on their sweets (some of which have been taken off the shelves since the factory was taken over by another company, though) so it does actually make sense if you’ve been living in Denmark and seen the (I’ll admit sometimes a bit weird) sweets in the shops.

  • Deshank

    I actually just got a job there. Agree with Tabita. I can see why foreigners might be somewhat shocked. Its a bit out of context though, as there are a lot of other rides and attractions that has no perverse or creepy animals or characters. Like pedal ducks, a worm in an apple (merry-go-round), a dragon that goes round, a water-rafting attraction with beavers. Its all in a theme of candy and goofballs.

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