There’s theme parks, and then there’s Bon Bon Land (30 Photos)

bon bon lead Theres theme parks, and then theres Bon Bon Land (30 Photos)

Bon Bon Land is a lot like Eurotrash Disneyland. Located in Denmark, the themes center around cartoon characters the same is Disney – only these toons are quirky, bizarre, disturbing, and perverted; they’re often seen pissing or exposing themselves for example.
‘Bon Bon’ is the name of a candy company in Denmark that makes candy based on strange characters. Their most popular candy is named ‘Dog Fart’. So come out out to Bon Bon Land and take a enchanting ride on ‘The Horse Dropping’, ‘Hundeprutterutchebane’, and the wildly-popular ‘Dog Fart Switchback.’

  • Lady Shamisen

    Hmm, that saloon character totally ripped off from ‘Meet the Fimbles’. Also, for the record, rats can’t vomit.

  • yoface

    Holy cow. That would scare the shit outta me :/

  • 1386

    Aren’t cow boobs actually udders?

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