Pancake junkies (15 Photos)

I’m not just the president, I’m also a member.

  • luckyue

    now every time I eat pancakes,I’ll have a flash back…thanks

  • pankakeheroin

    I think this gave my dealer an idea… i went to fukin cook up my shot and it ended up a pancake 😦 now i’m vomiting b/c i injected it into my wrist

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  • galuhgani

    This is so out of the box LoL

  • Munk

    I think molly is just a skilled troll….

    well played c*nt, well played.

    Also…. PANCAKES!!!

  • what

    you people sure take this dumb little website seriously

  • Sam

    Molly, you’re a disgrace to your own name. ^ ^

  • nofatchix

    no fat chix please

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  • jason

    we hate you molly

  • RobKleen

    LOL wow you idiots just got trolled hard, what a bunch of fools!

  • Gonz

    leave her alone!!! i’m serious!!! anybody who has a problem with her will have to go through me!!! leave her alone!! i’m super serious and i’m crying underneath some sheets!! just doin it for the lulz

  • Molly

    Why are you guys hating on me? i just disagree with the whole presentation of drugs thing! and i just think that you should have some respect for other people’s opinions, also cocks

  • (X)

    mmm Molly… ^ ^

  • Lol

    Molly rolled you guys pretty hard there didn’t she

  • Rachel

    Dumb..a waste of life to put together. A waste of life to come look at it and comment.

  • Sand3R

    yes dont do drugs. Do drugpancakes 😀

  • billybrown00

    Molly, I want to piss in your butthole and jack off all over your face.

    Seacrest, out!

  • Ken

    What kind of bird’s egg is that? Other than that, not too interesting, despite the spirited intellectual commentary…

    • anon

      its a quail’s egg.

  • Anon - A - Moose

    Some one named Molly that hates drugs? Thats like someone named Mary Jane or Herb that hates weed.

  • dink

    obvious troll is obvious

  • writerjoel

    Um, okay, I have no idea what this means. flour, and an egg, and needles filled with liquids? And we’re cooking…pancakes in the style of cooking heroin? I know it sounds like I’m being sarcastic, but if that’s the joke…

    Okay, really, is that it?

  • writerjoel

    to add I don’t speak russian, or whatever language is on the needles, so I may just be screwed right there.

  • Young Money

    fuck bitches
    get money

  • Super star

    You guys are such losers . Why the hell are you getting mad at Molly for expressing her opinion clear you are all “ignorant fucks”. You want the freedom to do drugs and to express yourself in that manner, but when someone comments on it you can’t fucking take it for shit.

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