Pancake junkies (15 Photos)

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I’m not just the president, I’m also a member.

  • luckyue

    now every time I eat pancakes,I’ll have a flash back…thanks

  • pankakeheroin

    I think this gave my dealer an idea… i went to fukin cook up my shot and it ended up a pancake😦 now i’m vomiting b/c i injected it into my wrist

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  • galuhgani

    This is so out of the box LoL

  • Munk

    I think molly is just a skilled troll….

    well played c*nt, well played.

    Also…. PANCAKES!!!

  • what

    you people sure take this dumb little website seriously

  • Sam

    Molly, you’re a disgrace to your own name. ^ ^

  • nofatchix

    no fat chix please

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  • jason

    we hate you molly

  • RobKleen

    LOL wow you idiots just got trolled hard, what a bunch of fools!

  • Gonz

    leave her alone!!! i’m serious!!! anybody who has a problem with her will have to go through me!!! leave her alone!! i’m super serious and i’m crying underneath some sheets!! just doin it for the lulz

  • Molly

    Why are you guys hating on me? i just disagree with the whole presentation of drugs thing! and i just think that you should have some respect for other people’s opinions, also cocks

  • (X)

    mmm Molly… ^ ^

  • Lol

    Molly rolled you guys pretty hard there didn’t she

  • Rachel

    Dumb..a waste of life to put together. A waste of life to come look at it and comment.

  • Sand3R

    yes dont do drugs. Do drugpancakes😀

  • billybrown00

    Molly, I want to piss in your butthole and jack off all over your face.

    Seacrest, out!

  • Ken

    What kind of bird’s egg is that? Other than that, not too interesting, despite the spirited intellectual commentary…

    • anon

      its a quail’s egg.

  • Anon - A - Moose

    Some one named Molly that hates drugs? Thats like someone named Mary Jane or Herb that hates weed.

  • dink

    obvious troll is obvious

  • writerjoel

    Um, okay, I have no idea what this means. flour, and an egg, and needles filled with liquids? And we’re cooking…pancakes in the style of cooking heroin? I know it sounds like I’m being sarcastic, but if that’s the joke…

    Okay, really, is that it?

  • writerjoel

    to add I don’t speak russian, or whatever language is on the needles, so I may just be screwed right there.

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