A little FAIl goes a long way (33 photos)

  • Anonymous


    I don’t understand. It seems to be a perfectly well-functioning clock. Unless you’re referring to ‘IIII’ as ‘4’. That’s, as far as I can recall, not wrong.

    • MichaelGS

      you dear sir have just failed: 4 = IV not IIII

      • Nobody

        You dear sir, and the idiot that submitted that picture, both fail. IIII has appeared in manuscripts as far back as the 1380s. IV did not become the standard until modern times.

        • Anonymous

          They are Roman numerals so whatever the romans used is the winner and the romans used IV

          • A classics major

            Actually the Romans used both. IIII is just an older standard. They used to count VIII as IIX as well. It depends entirely on the time period. There is nothing wrong with the clock.

      • Anonymous

        ‘IIII’ is standard usage on watches and clockfaces.

        • hi

          i think IIII is used so as to not confuse IV with VI on watches and clocks

          • Louis XIV

            Originaly IIII was used because IV represented the god Jupiter (IVPPITER).

            • Matt

              the clock is a fail because even though IIII is used as to not confuse IV and VI, why then would there be IX for 9 and XI for 11? Its not consistent. Thats why i consider it a fail. It should all be in roman numerals not every number except for 4.

          • http://sillytabs.com Daniel

            Also to balance out the VIII

    • Anonymous

      4 is IIII its IV

      • mook

        You are all god damn retards. #29 is also not a fail, twilight does suck.

      • B

        Seriously, have you people calling this a fail never seen a roman numeral clock before? It’s been that way since Louis XIV, king of France, who preferred IIII, ordered his clockmakers to produce clocks with IIII and not IV. They’ve been this way for at least 400 years. All of them.

        I’m sorry, but I thought this was common knowledge.

        • Insert Name Here

          Its suppose to be IIII you idiots

          • Leonardo

            both are acceptable the top picture is lit from the back with the shadow in front of the building the close up shows a shadow going the wrong way that’s all thats wrong with it unless i’m missing something else

        • billemazing

          Shouldn’t it be Louis XIIII?

          • HellHathNoFury

            Quit arguing over Roman numerals, people, it’s MMX. You act like it’s MDCLXVI or something. tonight we’re gonna party like it’s MDDCCXXI

            • HellHathNoFury

              oh, god. I meant MCMXCIX, I was subtracting afterwards instead of before. .

            • rso

              it’s FAIL, folks, because the face is BLUE! hellO…!?

      • trollin

        IIII is the correct way, IV is in fact short hand. look at the face of my Rolex, and it is also IIII so you all fail!

  • ChrisDG74

    #2 – That must have been painful.
    #3 – Everything is half off.
    #6- Just natural selection working.
    #7 – Reserved for strippers.
    #17 – Damn gravity.

  • 8bithero

    IIII is indeed the common usage of “4” on clocks. That’s the way they’ve always done it, at least as far back as 1550, and probably earlier.

  • Bill D

    #20 the wind/ a tornado did this

  • vitorla

    Is that a schooner?

  • confused

    #29 is WIN not fail

  • rob

    #2- NOT spellcheck fail. SHIT is spelled correctly.

    • habsfanx

      he did not shit …. he shot LOL !!!!!!!!!!

  • topsinva

    #29 = WIN

  • Anonymous

    number 9 is shopped

  • QuasiFandango

    #19 = I like the rainbow circles.
    #27 = Win

  • DaddyD

    Why is 22 a FAIL? Maybe they were tired and there were a lot of steps …

  • Anonymous

    I’ve seen it multiple times on here, and maybe someone already said this, but #5 was a promotion for The Simpsons Movie at 7-11.

  • Anon

    My Rolex says IIII, seriously check it out.

  • mecho

    #27 is the town clock located in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. It was erected in 1803 and at that time is was common for the number 4 to be represented as IIII in roman numerals. This is not a fail.

  • tj

    look on any clock with roman numerals. tons of them use IIII instead of IV. google “roman clock face” and more than 1/2 of them use IIII instead of IV.

  • Ranger Danger

    #11 Swift water rescue….haaaa

    • Underhill

      I think this incident occurred when that pond near the Twin Cities was frozen. The cargo recovery guys love those.

  • Anonymous

    yalls fail. the clock is wrong. the hour hand suggests its half past, but its only ten minutes past.

    end of discussion.

    • Anonymous

      The long hand is the minute hand and the short one is the hour. You FAIL

  • blueshifter

    how is trimming your belly fur into the shape of a festive xmas tree possibly anything other than WIN?

    and yes, IIII is the way the Romans notated it, IV is modern, both are perfectly acceptable and understood to mean the same thing, “four”. you failed at FAIL.

  • grifis

    27 is a win for sure! That’s Citadel Hill in Halifax, Nova Scotia. East Coast born and bred, eh?! Rock on Chive.

    And just for Anonymous up there… the smaller hand is the hour hand. Hang on to your digital clock dude. It’s nice and safe.

  • sma11time

    Nice to see Atlantic Canada make a guest apperance on the chive. Halifax, NS is where that clock is.. I always roam there when im drunk in that city… all the bars are right close to it.


  • nosferatu

    #4. I guess I owe that lady and apology. They do exist.

  • NotHellHathNoFury

    have you ever seen a roman numeral clock with the v’s at six upside down!?

  • Yasir_Khan

    #9 … quite literally

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