Cars rigged for your pleasure (19 Photos)

Some said it was just a silly dream. But the redneck wonderland of cars has finally come to fruition.

  • top dog

    Talk about some serious Lo Jack.

  • Mustafa_Beer

    #13… don’t insult Chuck like that. The car doesn’t have enough damage to have been “Chucked”.

  • CunningLinguist

    and people say americans are stupid…. whether or not thats relevant, it takes some brass balls to drive shit like that, lol

  • QuasiFandango

    The chains on #18 wouldn’t stop anyone from driving it… it would totally still work….

    • wastefull

      quasifandango you are a jackass. that car wouldnt go anywhere the wheel would turn and the chain would lock up. i would not totally still work

      • n1ghtstalker

        Its difficult to see clearly from the picture but to be fair I think QuasiFandango is right.
        Unlike on a scooter or a motor bike the wheels on the car rotate around a centrally located drum. If the chain is long enough to reach both wheels as it clearly is.. then when the car started rolling forward then the chain would remain long enough as both wheels rotated round at the same speed.
        So for that reason I am calling FAIL on wastefull!!!!

        • HellHathNoFury

          I think I’m in love, stalker.

          • annonphysicsguy

            Actually… at first it would seem like QuasiFandago is right… but on closer inspection, the chain would still twist up and eventually pull the two ends together. (When the car rolls, the two wheels are rotating in “opposite” directions relative to the axis running down the middle of the chain). The chain would twist if it is not allowed to pivot (like a bike pedal) on at least one wheel as it turns around with the spoke of the wheel, and it appears that the chosen method of wheel-chain-attachment would prevent such pivoting. So n1ghtstalker and Quasi are unfortunately mistaken, but not for the simple-minded reason given by the pottymouth known as wastefull. (btw… who cares! funny pic!)

    • skdman

      #18 wouldn’t move far with chains – they’d go taut as soon as teh wheel was turned to the left.

      • Anonymous

        Two Words for all of you.

  • annonphysicsguy

    Who would want to steal that car anyway?

    • HellHathNoFury

      Only one of the best drifting cars in the world? Um, most people.

  • Ranger Danger

    I’ll have to keep #18 in mind when those damn kids come back to mess with my car…

  • betterphysics

    “When the car rolls, the two wheels are rotating in “opposite” directions relative to the axis running down the middle of the chain”

    In that case, the front wheel would ‘twist’ the chain, and the rear wheel would ‘untwist’ the chain, right?

  • jeff in Australia

    It’s just a funny pic.

  • frank

    the door knob is priceless

  • justme

    As the car roll forward, the front tire will pull the chain to the right of the pic (toward the front of the car. Simultaneously, the back tire will pull the chain to the left of the pic as it rolls forward. The chain isn’t long enough for it make the maximum distance from maximum rear horizontal to front maximum horizontal distance.

    • Idiot Proff

      Can anyone spell Axle?

  • ricky

    umm “justme” no your wrong rethink what you said. Both tires roll the same way twords the right of the pick. assuming he is going forword

  • bigdaddydrew

    You are all wrong, I guarantee that the airplane would take off.

    • Anonymous

      bahahahahahah.. beautiful

  • justme

    No Ricky you are wrong – but it is understandable as it a little confusing
    Of course both tires roll forward at the same rate but the location the chain is attached to the tires will lengthen to a larger distance than the chain itself.
    Using the hubcap face as a clock. As the car rolls forward, the front tire’s location where the chain is attached (roughly the noon position) will become parallel to the street (the 3 o’clock position). In the pic, it is roughly in the 12 o’clock position as it moved to the 3 o’clock position – it would have moved forward two tire wells as a guide.
    The rear tire is at roughly 25 past the hour (again if was a clock face) and move two tire wells to the left as it rolls forward. The same traveled distance as the front tire. Placing it at 35 past the hour. The chain would need to have enough slack to account for increased distance between the two attachment points.
    On the front tire the figure the radius is 6 inches and the diameter is 12 inches ( I know the tire is larger but easy math here) At the noon position the chain only needs to cover have the distance of the tire – 6 inches. At the 3 o’clock position it is increased 6 inches covering the full diameter of the tire.
    The rear tire increases its distance at the 35 past the hour position by roughly 3 inches from the prior position. Of 25 before the hour. Easy math since it is roughly have of the distance of the quarter hour.
    Roughly the total net slack needed in the chain is an extra 9 inches – give or take. The pic doesn’t show the chain has that much.
    Simple engineering – simply explained

  • Ferguson

    If that airbag goes off, someone is going to eat a cell phone

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