Chivers, ‘shop yourself or we’ll do it for you right now! (45 Photos–DONE!)

chive photoshop lead Chivers, shop yourself or well do it for you right now! (45 Photos  DONE!)
Alight Chivers, let’s have some serious fun cause we’re all bored at work. Take a photo of yourself right now and send it to thechivesubmit [at] gmail [dot] com. TheCHIVE staff is standing by ready to photoshop the shit out of you. We’ll post the photos as soon as they come in. Keep in mind we don’t have an army over here so it would help if some of you photoshop experts would have some fun at your own expense and send in your own shops, would be much appreciated.
Make sure to include your name and location. Snap a self-portrait or have the person in the cubicle/office/dorm room next to you take your photo and let’s get moving! This event will self destruct in T-minus 2 hours (4:30 Eastern).
Chive On!

  • wastingtime

    oh, wow…

  • pork sausage

    my name is earl dude. lol

    • HellHathNoFury

      The day they stopped making that show, there was a shitstorm of sadness.

      • aaron

        my lazy ass actually wrote a 5 page rant to NBC about that show being cancel. Uck Parks and Rec.

  • whistler

    pretty damn cool idea

  • HellHathNoFury

    Didn’t know Weird Al was related to Mona Lisa

    • etchasketchasaurus

      Wow! I guess I do look like wierd Al there!

      • HellHathNoFury

        Which makes you awesome!!

  • ChrisDG74

    #22 – If Boston sucks, then New York swallows.

    • DutchieLover

      agreed, YANKEES SWOLLOW

      • HellHathNoFury

        Wouldn’t that make them more popular?

        • Michaellovesmissy

          Only if they don’t make you snuggle after…..

  • Mattythegooch

    NY both sucks AND swallow!!!

  • Mattythegooch

    hahahahaha!!!! That’s right, You will NEVER find the body!!

  • hemaflare

    oooh chive, you just lost so many fans. tisk tisk.

    • TMI

      and gained so many, many more

  • AmyMcP

    Hey, That’s me in that picture!!!… Boston Friggin Rules… Oh Dear Chive… My Wonderful Chive… If you do not support Boston – I dont know how we can be friends anymore!

    • aaron

      they are just sad that Boston has more going on than the midwest. Its easy to hate a place that has kicked ass for a couple hundred years when you arent from there.

      • aaron

        Oh and Milton is awesome too, I used to camp on the 3 ponds every year at MI-TE-JO or however its spelled.

        • AmyMcP

          Yah Milton is sweet. I live on 3 ponds year round, I like to go fishing, camping, 4 – wheeling, camping, and boating. Mi- Te – Jo is the camp ground here. Where did you travel from?

          PS -BOSTON ROCKS!!!

          • Joey

            Right there with you guys, when I saw that it was almost a deal breaker for me..I’ll toss that to being drunk on the job chive. Boston for life!!



  • whaazzzzup

    28… mind F&*k

  • towleway

    I’ve always wanted to be Boba Fett at work. Thanks, Chive.

  • anonymous

    Hey, why didn’t I make the cut?? I ALWAYS send pictures in & not once have I made it. I’m starting to think you hate me.

  • Anonymous

    34-35-37-39 Thanks for wasting my time.

  • whaazzzzup

    @ above 3:48….

    Don’t hate.. I sent my picture in to the chive… they did it not me.. I think they did a great job! #37

    • Anonymous

      the troll be trolling. don’t feed them


    #16, hahahaha I was not wearing a mask nor was there porno outside my window hahahha but I wish there was….thanks to whoever shopped that one for me, i was glad ot finally get a photo on here

  • HellHathNoFury

    42 is a cutie! And also the answer to all the universe’s questions.

    • Sticks

      I agree. 42 is smexy!

      • A-M

        thanks =]

  • storjie

    i submitted 12 but they didnt photoshop it. well i guess it stands on its own

  • JoshBerg

    Thanks for making me a sparkle fairy…god damnit

  • Ranger Danger

    #14 fruit thing aka a vag?

  • ladyguitarstar

    Damn I hope I catch the next post of this, I wanna be photoshopped!

  • miffy

    Cool I made it #9 although I didn’t need shopping

  • yabudnick

    Dear #42,

    rawwwrrrrr, That is all.

    Much Love, #25

  • P-90

    38 looks real, well done.
    42 more pics please, you look cute but I need more confirmation, purely for the files you understand, nothing weird, wait don’t run away from me!
    43 reminds me of Dino-Riders, who remembers them.

  • Quacodile

    Hmm, These are good but I think they are shopped.
    Maybe I’m wrong.

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