Chivers, ‘shop yourself or we’ll do it for you right now! (45 Photos–DONE!)

chive photoshop lead Chivers, shop yourself or well do it for you right now! (45 Photos  DONE!)
Alight Chivers, let’s have some serious fun cause we’re all bored at work. Take a photo of yourself right now and send it to thechivesubmit [at] gmail [dot] com. TheCHIVE staff is standing by ready to photoshop the shit out of you. We’ll post the photos as soon as they come in. Keep in mind we don’t have an army over here so it would help if some of you photoshop experts would have some fun at your own expense and send in your own shops, would be much appreciated.
Make sure to include your name and location. Snap a self-portrait or have the person in the cubicle/office/dorm room next to you take your photo and let’s get moving! This event will self destruct in T-minus 2 hours (4:30 Eastern).
Chive On!

  • Vicarious

    dino riders was awesome, i downloaded it a couple months ago and had a marathon 🙂

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