Not hot enough to be an anime/comic/emo? Try steampunk (22 Photos)

  • at work

    huh…wtf is steampunk?

    • mook

      One day early 2005 Goth was hit by a meteor and split into steam punk and emo. Both are not hardcore or bad ass anymore.

      • ror

        for the record, goths never were hardcore, they just whined about different shit

        • Rusty

          The girl in number is really beautiful, I have a lot of her stuff that I use as examples for ‘steampunk extreme’ (steampunk that doesn’t closely follow the fashion of its timeframe).
          Also, most of the goths and steampunkers that I know are neither whiny nor emos. Most of them are nice people who are most accepting and least drama-laden I’ve ever known. I can’t go totally goth because I just don’t look that good in the clothes, but I have found them to have much in common with me. These ae hardcore people, but hardcore is a relative and subjective term. I mean Mark Macguire is a hardcore hitter (steroids or not), Gary Gygax was a hardcore role-player, Emeril is a hardcore chef… you see where I’m going with that?
          I think that anyone who judges an entire subculture doesn’t really know anyone who is a part of it and therefore should be subject to stupidity laws and dumped into a vat of Birthday Cake Icecream (the stupidest icecream known to man) for their crimes. They don’t really deserve anything serious because they haven’t earned it.

          • rusty

            grr, stupid keyboard…
            Number 22 is what I was trying to write.
            The girl is number 22 is really beautiful.

    • Unjimable

      Steampunk is a genre of fiction set in worlds where everything still looks similar to Victorian times even if their technology has advanced past our own (giant robots powered by steam, Zeppelins, lots of corsets, etc). Goth's have generally had some interest in it but it's two different sub cultures (Goths unsuprisingly beiing more interested in Gothic, eg stuff like Brahm Stoker's Dracula).

      Emo is an unrelated and annoying teenager musical genre.

      Cosplayers are people who dress appropriately for their favourite fictional genre (such as the people in this post). I've never really seen the point, unless you were going to a party or something.

  • ssss9999

    love the goggles.

  • iskeet

    wtf is “punk” about this? these funny lookin bitches make my penis soft.

  • Ken

    Brought to you by Tim Burton and Johnny Depp? A cross between Edward Scissorhands and Sleepy Hollow.

  • alextc

    girl in pic 11 is pretty hot

  • CunningLinguist

    fashion victims the lot.

  • Blah

    Number 13 is Emilie Autumn, and as far as I know, she’s not steampunk. Victorian Goth/Punk, maybe, but not steampunk. I’ve seen her in concert and didn’t see anything steampunk about it.

  • damn

    has the potential for sexiness but these chics just don’t cut it.

    • Warped

      Well they do “cut it” if you are talking about their wrists

  • Brandon

    Reminds me a lot of Bioshock.

  • HellHathNoFury

    I found Marilyn Manson.

  • top dog

    A new form of freakiness, not bad, not too bad at all. But, can they bend over? thats the real test. Just kidding. They look good to me!!

  • Onlunch

    Its a style… The women are hot and the men want to impress.

    Keep showing skin ladies……(-:

  • garp

    …these lovely ladies were the applicants for my new zepplin crew, watch for it flying over your neighbourhood this summer

    • HellHathNoFury

      Is it Led? I shall name it
      The Hindenburg

      • garp

        ….it shall be called Rocinante, and it will drop helper monkeys via parachute to those in need, also Molsons has agreed to sponsor us so I guess we have to hang this big fackin banner below the fuselage, but hey, free beer!

        • HellHathNoFury

          You’re about to have a stowaway in the form of me.

        • Ken

          Any font that can have a Don Quixote reference and use the word ‘fuselage’ in the same comment deserves a shout-out in my book. Well done garp!

  • ozzie

    ok this made my peepee soft.

    • garp

      …you shouldn’t be surfing the interwebs with a raging boner anyway

  • kp

    not impressed…….

  • markkens

    they could hangar my aeronef any day

  • tim

    actually, almost all of these girls are really hot by any normal standard. Just thought i’d point that out.

  • Anonymous

    Number 13 is Emilie Autumn, she is a crazy violinist and crazy as in omfg she’s good. She is also a singer, I saw her live in Oct.

  • aaron

    So a steampunk is like a pirate/welder hybrid then? Weird.

  • ror

    I thought 6,8, and 10 were pretty hot. Better looking than any fucking emos to say the least, but that’s a low bar, so i’ll just say they’re hot.

  • strawberrywaffle

    they’re like crappy goth kids!

  • clitorosaurus rex

    so…you just dress like you’re in a Terry Gilliam movie?

  • exexec

    This is what happens when you run out of the normal cache of fads and/or coping systems for the socially challenged, you realize you have to invent something, and the best idea on the table is, “alright, let’s take the publicity poster for Sweeney Todd, throw in the gift shop from the Pensacola Naval Air Museum, throw some flour on our faces and attempt to conjure the essence of the Roaring 20s all over again. It’ll be a gas…”

  • chiverheckler

    What is steampunk!? Emo with goggles?

  • Regina

    uuuuhhhhhhhh…….you’re doing it wrong!

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