Not hot enough to be an anime/comic/emo? Try steampunk (22 Photos)

  • DaShiVa

    Steampunk has been around as long or longer than goth.
    It’s a pretty diverse subculture, and pretty interesting.
    One way of describing it is that it’s ‘scifi of the 19th century’ as in, what scifi would have been thought of in the 1800s.
    (I am not in the scene, never have been, but I love the crap they invent)
    Oh, and most of those girls are pretty damn good looking. Just cause it’s a smaller culture than the anime cosplay crowd means we get a smaller sampling – most of teh cosplay crowd are dogs, but it’s a big enough group (and a money generator that employs models) that the creaam of that crop stands out real nicely 🙂
    It’s similar to goth in that goth tends to like fashion from the 1800s (provided it’s done in black for the most part) but nothing like emo in that steampunk has no angst, self loathing, cutting or bad music. Well, not sure about the music, I’ve gotta assume they love their classical music on vynil, but some of that crap isn’t half bad.

  • ghgytyeheh

    steampunk is a genre of science fiction thats been around for years and years. a lot of movies, games and books could be considered steampunk. bioshock is very steampunk-esque

  • Captain Pasty

    I want the goggles in #7.

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  • jeff in Australia

    ” be yourself, everyone else is already taken.”

  • ElCapitan

    The girl with purple hair is smoking hot (especially if she ditched the dye job and dipshit duds) but why’s she hanging out with the felcher in the kilt?

  • Joel

    these are the ugliest bitches i have ever seen …..

  • dave

    steam punk is like victorian sci-fi. Under the costumes there's still hot chicks. Unlike scene girls at least these girls have some some individuality

  • Drmzindec

    Not everyone likes blond bitches and boobs people! Have some diversity for the other Chivers out there!

  • guest

    18 was gorgeous!

  • !S!WCRTESTINPUT000000!E!


  • Yarthepirate

    I don't know why everybody id bitching about the quality of the babes. I don't have any problem with steampunk, its just people trying to have a good time.
    Thank you ladies, you look like a good time

  • Perla Selene Ramirez Calzadillas

    Steampunk is a genre of science fiction in which the future is pictured in our days but without the invention of the transistor, ie without the electronics. Cyberpunk is another sci-fi genre, but electronics is way much more advanced.
    Think of it this way:
    Steampunk=wild wild west ; Cyberpunk=Matrix
    Ta da! ;D

    P.S. Reding a little hasn't killed anyone…yet

  • Never judge

    Emo? Goth? Steampunk is a generalization of people who like retro-futurist cosplay, no different then those who dress up at rennasaince faires. It's sad to see alot of "grown up" college chives are still stereotyping people like they did when they were in Highschool. I mean grow up, you probably face paint at football games and were Greek togas to parties so your none to judge

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