‘Batman’ Lamborghini Ankonian concept supercar (6 Photos)


  • vitorla

    Probably the least aerodynamic thing ever made by Lambo. Reventon for the win.

    • confused

      who cares it looks awesome

      • vitorla

        I respectfully disagree. I’m all about smooth curves. Aston Martin.

        • poli

          And the Reventon is curvaceous…how?

  • The Snake

    The designer who designed this car secretly deep down inside just wants to be batman in real life…

    • Whattahottie

      and this witty little chipper wishes he was a snake in real life 😉

  • http://billthewelder.wordpress.com billthewelder

    Visually its cluttered and front end heavy while the back end looks weak and way to open. It’s comparable to a body builder who focuses on his upper body and ignores his lower body.

    • damn

      You’re right bill. It’s a shame these Lamborghini guys don’t know more about cars. They’ll be just another flash in the pan.

      • Rusty

        First off, Bill’s allowed to have an opinion, just like the Lambo guys. They think it looks good, Bill thinks it looks cluttered.

        As it happens, Bill’s opinion is the correct one.

        If they were going to make it look like that, at least keep the bottom of it parallel with the ground. As it is, that rising line in the back makes it look like it’s sagging in the middle.

        • damn

          Thanks Rusty. I’ll take your contradiction into consideration.

          • Anonymous


  • aaron

    they havent added the flamethrowers, rocket launchers, wheel spikes, machine guns to the back yet

  • russia

    cue Patrick Stewart’s picture of ‘wtf is this shit’

  • Anonymous

    I only want this if the fenders and rear quarter panels fly off to revail a kick-ass motorcyle with a 24 inch rear wheel.

  • jeff in Australia

    Does it come in red…?

  • Da Sandman


  • !S!WCRTESTINPUT000000!E!


  • shnugs

    As an artist, I like it. Iv seen better designs but wouldnt complain if they gave it to me!!

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