• Anonymous

    This is actually quite old. Still incredible, though.

  • The Hand

    Lasse Gjertsen, greatest video editor who ever lived.

  • http://misainzig.wordpress.com misainzig

    Old and incredible indeed.

  • Hey

    He may not have mastered the skills of playing an instrument in real-time, but he definitely has musical talent to have written that.

  • vitorla

    Musical talent encompasses more than just instrumental ability. He’s quite talented at putting together the sounds he made.

  • Fishing4ducks

    I like to think that if squirells ever mastered music they would play their instruments like this.

  • Dr. Kenneth Noisewater

    That’s pretty Awesome.

  • mydogisdexter

    Two words:


    • Anonymous

      and the other word?

      • Ken

        “Brilli” & “ant”

        There. Two words.

        Good vid. Must’ve taken him a long time to do, but came up with a good tune.

        Three words:


  • http://www.freewebs.com/555666 Irwin109

    Amazing, I’ve been thinking of doing this with my kit and seeing if I can end up with something Aphex Twin-esque for a while now… This gives me a bit more motivation to ‘get it duuuurn’

  • http://ruminations.com/hellhathnofury HellHathNoFury

    It needs something….COWBELL!!!!1

    • nick

      I HAVE A FEVER!!!

  • drole11

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  • bigrye

    Its always folks who have no musical talent who label others as having no musical talent. Shame shame, everybody knows you can’t play a kazoo now.

  • Anonymous

    Nice! As someone on here pointed out, musical talent is not all about playing, it’s also about being able to write music/put sounds together.

  • voltahedron

    i wouldn’t say this guy has no musical talent , i’d say he is very fucking talented , music is about being creative ( good music anyways )

  • http://www.electronickeyboardsguide.com Colin Davis

    Spending far too much time on this site. Now I remember why I don't come here very often. That's another day gone!

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