Ice hotel suites around the globe (13 Photos)

Personally I don’t care how nice they are, all I can think of is how cold I’d be.

  • vitorla

    Die Another Day deja vu anyone?

    • ChrisDG74


      • ChrisDG74

        Halle Berry. Yum.

  • LOL

    Snuggling would be absolutely necessary instead of optional. 😉 It’s probably pretty quiet too.

    • vitorla

      Awww does LOL need some lovin?

  • uberbrie

    They showed how this is built on the Discovery channel its pretty kick ass

    • HellHathNoFury

      I loved it so much I bought it and have watched it a million times.

  • Regina

    I got a cold just by looking at the photos…….

  • Joey

    I swear honey its just cold in here…

  • billemazing

    Are those candles in pic #2? That seems a bit risky. But at least no one tried to put in a fireplace.

  • Brandon

    But it would be so badass to sleep on ice covered in animal pelts. Leave it to the vikings!

  • Ken


  • Navy

    ive been to the ice bar here in tokyo japan it was pretty bad ass but they only let you stay in the bar for so long or you will get hypothermia.

  • jeff in Australia

    It’s hot here… Thanks for these..

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