Hot Right Now: Shut up and take my money (16 Photos)

Maria Kirilenko proves once again that tennis players make the hottest athletes (12 Photos)

Well, that is speaking for the female athletes anyways.

  • kp

    I’ll be any one of those girls’ ball boy!!!!!

    • gildo

      um aren’t they all the same girl?

  • vitorla

    If you don’t know what the look in #7 is saying then you probably will never enjoy the warm embrace of a friendly vagina.

    • slacker

      #7 is how come you ain’t bangin me yet?
      anyways, thanks for the hot pics 😀 a great start of the day again /bow

    • n1ghtstalker

      Actually I think the look in #7 is more along the lines of….
      “That camera man better not have zoomed in on my camel toe!! I’ll kill him!”

  • uberbrie

    Hotter than Megan Fox hands down!

    • Roscoe

      Agree completely!

  • alextc

    i would have to agree with uberbrie that she is hotter than megan fox but megan fox is way more sexy

    • gildo

      megan fox is an uber bitch and a talentless ho. she’s only good for one thing and even then, I’m not sure if i could stand what it would take to get it. (not that I could anyway!)

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  • confused

    i may start watching tennis if half of them look like that

  • PooPooCachoo

    How is she can run her butt off, but not get swamp ass?! Shouldn’t there be a sweat mark in the crack?

  • iskeet

    sweat mark in the crack? hell no dude. theres an app for that

  • somerandomguy

    #10 she looks soo ripped and rawwwwwrrr!

  • P-90

    Weirdly she looks really cute in all the non-tennis shots.

  • jeff in Australia

    As Anna Kournikova once so stupidly said.. ” people wouldn’t look at me if I didn’t play tennis..”
    Which comes first, the looks or the ability.? Too many of them to be coincidental..

  • at work

    #9 is the best pic

  • Anonymous


  • Mr. Derp

    I would not pull out…

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