Megan Fox unseen foreign shoots (21 photos)

  • jeff in Australia

    Like painting a mustache on the Mona Lisa, tattoos on such a lovely thing should be illegal.

  • Dude

    this dumb broad is so overrated

  • sanju

    she is really loveable

  • Lazaro

    She's from Tennessee, not Canaduh.

  • bill

    i love how people sit there and say shes too skinny, shes not that hot, shes dumb, etc. if they ever met her they'd be on their hands n knees kissin the ground she walks on. its ok guys, u can admit it, you're just bitter bc u know none of ya ever have a chance to meet let alone be with heer. me neither, but i dont bad mouth her, she is extremely beautiful!

  • Jawbone

    God, plastic surgery couldn't have fucked her face up more.

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