CHIVE-On Facebook: Redneck innovation (20 Photos)

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redneck innovation 5 e1266615219340 CHIVE On Facebook: Redneck innovation (20 Photos)

See the ENTIRE GALLERY here. And don’t forget to become a FAN of theCHIVE Facebook page. Do it for your country!

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  • Anonymous

    fuck facebook

    • LOL

      Don’t think I will. There’s like 300,000,000 people on that site…that’s a LOT of fuckin’ and I’m a little tired. :P Hater. :(

  • Fuzzybeard2016

    I’m actually more impressed with the very clean looking VW Thing in the background!

  • suicideking

    There’s a lot of links that only show the original picture. Does they realize that ?

  • Bob

    That’s because this is a “Chive Facebook” link…you must click on the picture or the highlighted button that says “ENTIRE GALLERY”… would help…..

  • Equalizer


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