Does this superhero outfit make me look fat? (15 Photos)

  • whistler

    Yes, very.

  • interloper

    holy fat spidermen

  • Ken

    I shouldn’t laugh….but I did.

    • yeaaaa

      Why the hell not? It’s their choice to be fat asses. Sure there are some diseases that don’t allow people to lose weight, but none of these people have that (probably). Walk your fat ass around the block a few times.

  • confused

    yes all of them are fat

    on another point aren’t they all to old to be dressing up in costumes (excluding kinky times)

  • at work

    lol i bet none of them can jump

  • top dog

    Noooooo!!! The outfits don’t make them look fat, they make the outfits look fat.

  • Matt

    ahhhhhh my eyes!!! oh God!!! MY EYES!!!!!! MY EYES ARE BLEEDING!!!

  • Stafferty

    Robin: Holy Cow Batman! Its the bat signal!

    Batman: I just made a open mouth turkey sandwich with extra gravy, let the cops handle it.

  • Westfall Boars Preservation Society

    Look closely at #5 and you’ll see it’s not an outfit… but beware, a piece of you may die.

  • vitorla

    I’m not really sure why I expected this thread to be something other than fat people in superhero costumes.

  • HellHathNoFury

    Thank God. Deadpool is still sacred.

    • MichaelGS

      yes but for how long?! im sure i read somewhere that a fat person dressed as deadpool may be the 12th sign of the apocolypse -.-

      • HellHathNoFury

        And for that I will punish them with peanuts and duct-tape. Duct tape duct tape duct tape.

  • Brandon

    Wow, Captain Planet is a complete mess.

  • Regina

    These people (or w/e) are forever single….so why make it worse??

  • Joey

    #8 made me laugh the most…that pose is priceless

  • billemazing

    …no, your face does.

  • ItzMe

    Fuck you chive! You just destroyed my childhood fantasy of Wonderwoman! Bastards…

  • LOL

    I clicked on the comment bubble only…want to see if y’all have been scarred for life by looking…some of ya were…I’m not gonna scroll up & look at the people…you can’t make me John. I have strength of will.

    FUCK. I scrolled. Last one. JOHN!!! You’re sick. 😛 LOL!

  • Leonardo

    Time for a cull, starting with no.2 who the fuck is he dressed up as?

    • MichaelGS

      thats captain planet… he really let himself go when Al Gore usurped him

  • Gonz

    does that “F” stand for foxy?

    • HellHathNoFury

      Jimi Hendrix’s favorite superwoman. Foxy Lady!! you know you’re a fat little heart-breaker…

  • bigdaddydrew

    In the the words of the immortal Al Bundy:

    “No, its the fat that makes you look fat”

  • etchasketchasaurus

    Fat Flash is the best…….Fat Captain Planet has ruined all my childhood memories of that show…guy is just weird as hell…looks like a drunk zombie

  • B

    Oh God… is that a nutsack in #5?

    • etchasketchasaurus

      holy…..I just realized it’s body paint….and yes….maybe….I might throw up.

    • P-90

      No ony Squirrel Girl has a nut sack.

  • Lol

    Number 13 not fat…. go look, he has abs =D

  • flyinkiwi

    worst costumes….ever

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