There’s something cool about this chick… (2 Photos)

cool image Theres something cool about this chick... (2 Photos)

This is not a painting! It’s a photograph of a model sitting in artist Peter Kun Frary’s shop window. She’s simulating a 19th century oil painting and doing a damn good job of it. More about the painting here.
cool image second Theres something cool about this chick... (2 Photos)

  • Peter

    yep, that is in fact the coolest thing i’ve seen today

  • Darrn Cominsky

    holy shit that bird is real!!!?

  • norm

    You know what’d be more cooler, is if they showed a prep pic so we’d know what we’re looking at.

  • Swamp Palm

    I saw an Ariana Jollee movie today. doubt anything will trump that

    • Anonymous

      yeah…nothing better than ariana jollee….. O_o

  • misainzig

    The hair kind of gives it away, but it’s still amazing.

  • Matt

    wow that is really cool. Looks like Michael Jackson though. ahhhh!!!

  • Regina


  • vitorla


    • OneClownShoe

      Giggity giggity!!

  • messyAfro

    If you look, she’s wearing a bathing suit or something, and her body’s painted. Pretty sweet though.

  • kp

    man hands!!!

  • ?

    looks like mr bean in drag

  • z28js

    So that’s what Emo Phillips is doing these days.

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