The world would be black and white without the magic of Photoshop (25 photos)

  • Me

    Some how I doubt the redneck pics (13 and 23) are shopped!!!

  • garp

    #1 – “HURRY – HURRY – HARDER!!!!”

  • chiverheckler


  • Regina

    you gotta love it…..

  • SJL

    HAHA, The last one isn’t shopped, you just don’t see the big picture ;D
    (Yes I’m sure)

  • Rusty

    Is it wrong that I think #14 is kinda hot?

    Also, #15, the cat is the LEAST of the photoshop asshattery.

    • confused

      no i found it the same as long as your talking about the part of the image not in the mirror

  • BillyBlaze

    How is 21 shopped?

  • Ken

    Obama makes for the best shops. He’s a natural.

    Magazine head FTW.

  • Big Bob

    #1 – After filming “Gang Bang Bitches part 12”, the star of the show cleans up.

  • at work

    what is the original pic for #14?

    • Eric

      #14 Is Odette Yustmans behind….and a very fine one it is…That pic is from a movie poster of “The Unborn” She was also in “Cloverfield” …..soo hot…want to touch the heiney…. AARROOOOOOOOO

      • P-90

        Sooooo agreed.

  • whaazzzzup

    ah.. is that sarah palin’s real body?? if so she’d get the swim team 🙂

  • top dog

    I don’t think #19 and 23 are shopped

  • Matt

    #2 is freaky jeeez

  • bigdaddydrew

    I know #7 is famous for being bad photoshop, but I am horrible at detecting the bad 'shops. Whats up with this pic? I agree something looks odd but cannot explain it.

    • jeff in Australia

      Ditto….. #14 is, I think, art…!

    • ThornyDevil

      I have no idea either, maybe because they aren't naked and covered in mud?

  • top dog

    Mona Lisa got a nice booty!!

  • dr3w

    this whole post was totally great… then i got to #24. I CAN’T STOP LAUGHING, CHIVE!!!

  • schango

    How do people get paid to do sloppy shops like #18?

  • Anonymous

    I think I saw a video of #12. Try searching youtube/wikipedia for “bunt gun”

  • MichaelGS

    #9 is mojo from the xmen… thats his courtey car while the other is in for repairs

  • Irwin109

    Never noticed in previous posts but #18 – The Sun leave his leg there!!!

  • Wikipedia nut.

    Why did they take out one nigga but leave one?

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