Brazilian swimsuit model Gabriela Rabelo (30 photos)

  • Anonymous

    #16 FTW!

    and I don’t give a shit I’m first

  • JDR

    My vote for the hottest girl Chive has put on here to date.

  • confused

    now dats motivation

  • Big Bob

    No tattoos, no weird piercings…quite rare these days and dare I say it…perfect!

    • confused

      dont say that someone will find something wrong with her

      • Woody

        I found something… she only has ONE facial expression. One. And it says “Woody, could you go ahead and put your penis inside me? A lot.”

        • confused

          that one i’ll allow cause it made me laugh

        • Anonymous

          She’s HOT, but she’s gotta work on her facial expression though

  • DutchieLover

    umm brazilian? show us some ass

  • top dog


  • russia

    is her face stuck in that position

  • HellHathNoFury


  • jeff in Australia

    Gosh…! Do you think she knows…..?

  • Lokobo

    She’s hot, but she ain’t smart. Right there in #30, she’s got an iPod.

    • bigbobber

      Yeah, listening to the music that you like is an obvious show of stupidity! Ok…it’s an iPod…so?

  • sanju


  • top dog

    She looks ummmm….sweet.

  • Paicey

    She is welcome into my Top 10, but it means someone must drop out. Sorry Mum!

  • slutifer



    Why the feck?!? Isn't this an HQ post like it ought to be hmm?

  • O.B.L.

    looks like a young Jamie Gertz to me

  • Gabriela rabelo | Morbidwear

    […] Brazilian swimsuit model Gabriela Rabelo (30 photos) : theCHIVEFebruary 22, 2010 at 9:44 am … a-Gabriela-Rabelo-7 … icon email Brazilian swimsuit model Gabriela Rabelo (30 photos) […]

  • doktrevil

    Brazilian swimsuit model, 30 pics, no backyard…. WTF?

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