Star Wars never looked so real (15 Photos)

star wars lead Star Wars never looked so real (15 Photos)

The following shots are from the winner of France’s “France Bourse du Talent” competition which stands for “Young Talent Award for Photography”. His idea was to bring a realistic Star Wars to Dubai…

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  • at work

    holy shit this is awesome

  • Matt

    very cool. Whoever took these shots, did he build them, or have a team working with him to build it?

  • confused

    i may be blind but i don’t see any star wars items in #2 but the rest are awesome

  • trogdor

    wow proper artistic sense

  • Verona

    Thank you for making me not want to kill everyone in my office. TheChive saves lives.

  • vitorla

    This is very cool, indeed. Props.

  • oh yes

    all photos were not shop-ed

  • top dog

    Eight is funny…robots taking a break. HEHEHEHE!!!!!

  • bryainiac

    the first one is my favorite, it is just so fucking cool

  • ladyguitarstar

    I want to go to there.

  • schango

    That first one is sureal

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  • Jordo

    Agreed! The first one is bang’en! How cool would it be tho, to see the red laser beem light up and glow in that fog/mist! Coming from either it or someone on the grond shooting at it.

  • Irwin109

    Nicely thought out!

  • Fiddy

    Ahhh, the force is strong in this one…

  • Brandon

    First one is amazing

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