This is what hedge fund fraud can buy (5 Photos)

A Florida hedge fund manager named Kirk Wright hung himself when faced with a 710-year sentence for 47 counts of fraud, and swindling $185 million from clients. This is the lavish pink-festooned Lamborghini he bought his wife. Oops.

  • Mustafa_Beer

    It can also but you a 8′ X10′ cozy room with cable tv, 3 meals a day, a great work out program and a roomie named Bubba ( that luvs your oversized jumpsuit)

  • ChrisDG74

    So THAT’S where my 401k money went. Son of a …..

  • Phil

    Hmm well on the plus side, the man is dead… but why did he not use these nigh unlimited funds to escape?? Go buy an island in the carribean or something.

    • ?

      thats the plus side? the bastard should rot in a cell for the rest of his life. he just took the easy way out. but i guess taking the easy way out is second nature for him, since he decided to steal money instead of earning it

  • Big Bob

    Anyone that puts pink on a car like this deserves death…or at least that 710 year sentence!

    • confused

      dont be so harsh man

      • Big Bob

        Don’t sweat it, it was just a joke.

        How’s this? – Anyone that puts pink on a car like this deserves to be lightly spanked with a ping-pong paddle…or at least made fun of! Better?

        • nelly02

          no mate, fuck him, glad the robbing gits dead. more bankers should follow his example.

          • confused

            @nelly02 the thief deserved that but not the car designer he just needs to be hit on the head hard till he gets his brain knocked back in place

    • yaboitonea

      um???… get it? whats wrong with the pink? he bought it for HIS WIFE!!?!?! that being the case the pink is AWESOME! Lets everyone know that this is HER car and not her husbands or her sugar daddys. when you see her in it you could only IMAGINE what her man must be driving!

  • vitorla

    Who hangs themselves these days? That is soooo 20th century.

  • Poindexter G. Flabbenbottom

    he hanged himself*

  • HellHathNoFury

    What an emo kid. Don’t harsh on the car. I’ll eat Merlin’s pants if you wouldn’t choose this Pepto-Bismol-laced Lambo instead of the car you currently own.

    • confused

      hey i’m not an emo kid

    • Big Bob

      You bet your ass HHNF! But you can sure as hell bet that the first thing on the to-do list would be to paint over that pink! All it’s missing in its current form is a Hello Kitty or Dora the Explorer sticker! (forgive me, I have twin girls so that’s what popped in my mind first)

      • HellHathNoFury

        I have a daughter, so I’d just put a MROSGRL or BRBGRL license plate on it and we’d be good. I’d keep it pink mostly because if anyone insults the color, it would add insult to injury to be whooped at the track by a girl in a pink car.

        • Big Bob

          haha, yes that would certainly suck! (and probably force the guy to take Viagra for the next few weeks to feel manly again)

  • bryainiac

    i don’t care what anyone says, the car looks spectacular………..even in pink.
    if you drove that around, you could get any woman………..think about it, it appeals to women because of the pretty color and you look bad ass because you are driving a luxurious car.
    it is a win win.

    • HellHathNoFury

      Any woman that would like you for your shiny stuff isn’t worth having, since she’s been with everyone else with shiny stuff and she doesn’t know anything about the car itself.

    • Crystal

      “appeals to women because of the pretty colour”

      Seriously? I’m a female and looking at the pink on that car makes me want to throw up. It’s disgusting.

  • AliDimayev

    It’s ‘hanged’, not ‘hung’.

    Objects are hung; people are hanged.

    • Not Quite Right


      “Hang has two forms for the past tense and past participle, hanged and hung. The historically older form hanged is now used exclusively in the sense of causing or putting to death: He was sentenced to be hanged by the neck until dead. In the sense of legal execution, hung is also quite common and is standard in all types of speech and writing except in legal documents. When legal execution isnot meant, hung has become the more frequent form: The prisoner hung himself in his cell. “

  • kp

    some of us are “hung” 😉

  • MichaellovesMissy

    HHNF….u can’t throw softballs….

    • HellHathNoFury

      Oh, hi. Kind of thought you were dead and such. Am I missing part of a rousing or otherwise biting comment?

  • chiverheckler

    Gray/silver and pink look good together. I would love to drive that car. 🙂

  • top dog

    Pink? well….it’s a lady color. Every lady I ever met loved that color, including my daughter.

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  • Pepto Bismo

    Believe it or not, some people's 401K really did go into that car, and that was just for starters.

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