Note to self: Get Famous (10 Photos)

geek win Note to self: Get Famous (10 Photos)

I know this is a bit outdated but it’s new to me and the lesson here is timeless. It’s a lesson of hope. Porn star Jenna Haze had a 5 second cameo in the film, ‘Superbad’. So she gets invited to the premiere afterparty and basically makes out with the entire cast of geeks. I mean, the look on Seth Rogan’s face is priceless, man. It’s as if he’s saying, ‘This chick is on my computer every night and now she’s right f@#king here!’ These ubergeeks have never been so happy. There is a lesson to be learned here, kids. Site: Title.

  • donuteyes


  • YesYes

    Her shit smells like my dick.

  • Anonymous

    Note to self: get famous!!! and possibly Herpes!!! =D

  • yikes

    The redhead in pic3 is way hotter than the porn chick. Don’t want to know what STDs you can get just from kissing Jenna (wow, what an original name).

    • Brandon

      Totally agree. Redhead is much hotter.

    • Ken

      The redhead is Emma Stone (Zombieland). The incidence of STDs in the porn community is extremely low, oddly enough. For one, they get tested constantly and another reason is that while they do have a lot of partners, they are all from a rather closed community. Most people don’t select partners who have been tested as much as those folks.

      Interesting dilemma though, choosing a sexual partner based on how few partners that they have had previously. Assuming partners that have had few sexual partners would be harder to seduce, then selectively wanting them would only reduce your chances of actually having sex.

      There is an interesting statistical model there. But we can some it up as a good formula for Blue Balls.

      I have a theory that the incidence of STDs is not as high in the overtly sexual community as it is in the repressed sexual community because of the need to make their sexual outlets in a covert manner. I have absolutely no data to back up my theory.

      • HellHathNoFury

        Ken, does your mother know what you do for a living?

  • markkens

    the 100 nut wide open mouth lick™

  • ANON

    Vom. She looks like a brunette Tori Spelling, and that is just… well. Ugh.

  • Woodnote

    Is it weird that I’d do all of them, famous or not?

  • ohsuzyq

    damn i would never kiss her knowing all the stuff she’s shoved in her mouth..

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