Bikinis, they can be funny (24 Photos)

  • aosux

    Had to revisit this one.

  • tee money

    who are the girls in pic number 2! i must know!

  • Ryan

    I know the dude in #11. It's the first time I've seen someone I know on the Chive! This is a good day.

  • A8eez

    #23 Soooo…. DAD, will u be using that for moms caller ID?

  • buuillis

    #22 find the shit out of her

    • Tedskin

      yeah, what he said

    • NetJunkie

      Mindy Vega

      • Dano

        Moar! And that's not Mindy Vega. This girl's been doing swimsuit contests forever.

  • Mr. Woland

    #22 best ass

    #7 the best

  • liberty

    wtf #13 ???

  • Love Jones

    #15 That dude has mad skills (or horse parts).

    • Franklin1138

      Or mad money. Or just a fabulous personality.

  • mm2

    #21 What I wouldnt give to be that hand…

  • its_forge

    #12 "Pardon me, but looking at you just caused my testicles to descend."

  • BoJangles

    #23 Mommy???

    #15 Yeah baby, I netted 7 figures this year.

  • tbaker67

    #8. Omg…wtf…and are you kidding me?got 3 kids and momma would never do that

  • jdp

    #2 Please find the girl on the left!!!

  • Short Bus All Stars

    #8 …seriously, …what the fuck? #23 Parent of the Year Award

  • MJayGee

    #19 the infamous reverse clam slam

  • Bret Van Arsdale

    #23 Why you takin a picture of her ass daddy?

  • jen

    I wonder how this guy is going to react when in 20 years that ass belongs to HIS daughter and some perv is taking a picture of her…

  • A BiPolar Guy

    #18 must be a veggie dog. Peta girl's can't handle the meat

  • Jawbone

    Thank God for cheap trailer trash whores!!

  • Gallus

    Yea, I know its just me. But I look at #9 and all I can imagine is what their nipples are doing in that weather. 🙂

    #15 gives me total brain freeze. How? Why? What?

    #5 – Man! From the look on her face and the shape of her mouth, I can just hear that gal laying a major F-bomb on that fool!

  • Bawlf

    What is number #14 doing? Where is that hose going?

  • Jason

    #13 Can we please get MOAR of big red?

  • Dan

    #15 "I love when a fat guy wins!"

  • Kyle

    #15 Spot the billionaire.

  • A.E.

    #3 🙂 tht is all

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