Daily Afternoon Randomness (24 Photos)

  • Hunter

    there are only 23

    • listerin

      good for you, hunter, you can count. you should send an email to the chive and alert them to this. that way they can laugh their asses off at your expense because I’m sure they care lots.

  • Vroom

    Pic 19? Wait…..I. don’t want to know.

    • Michaellovesmissy

      true…that’s a lot of bubba…

  • LOL

    #6 that is a whale tail I didn’t need to see. Damn you Chive! 😛

  • Superfresh

    11 – Schreck assault FTW, 19 – gross

  • (A)

    The look in number 1 has started many of my dreams.

  • Ryan

    #2 is the shit! How are all you so wrong and not even mentioning it. Top 10 favorite chive pics ever.

  • Weezy

    I betcha we actually will have a bunch of freaky looking old people in about 20 years….

  • Michaellovesmissy

    and….why is 18 one of the sexiest things i have ever seen with clothes on?

    • ChrisDG74

      Maybe it’s the lighting or the angle, but, to me she looks like she needs to eat a few cheeseburgers. A little emaciated looking for my tastes.

      But I wouldn’t kick her out of bed, though.

    • HellHathNoFury

      She’s wearing the same pants as me! But she doesn’t look like a pear in them. Feck.

      • Michaellovesmissy

        HHNF….stop fishing for compliments……

    • KiwiFlash

      Because you don't go out much?

  • http://schango.wordpress.com schango

    #2 gives me the Heebie-jeebies

    • isawoj

      Same here. The eyes are human looking in their expression.

  • bubble_rider86

    wait…..um…..yep, totally speechless…….keep chivin’ chive……<3 it =D

  • Anonymous

    19, shaytard?

  • ChrisDG74

    #22 – Possibly the single scariest thing I have ever seen. Oh, well, maybe except for #19. *cringe*

    • Kwakaka

      You're gonna hate the future.

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  • dougster3000

    I love lamp

  • Nick

    #5 = Roe?

  • at work

    a lot of the european womens curling team are hot

  • Ken

    Mmmm, how ’bout a hot steamy cub of fish eggs?

    Shrek assualt FTW because of the “expressions” of the other characters.

    Could have gone the entire day without seeing #19.

    #2 = happy dog….#3 unhappy child = their typical states of being, respectively.

  • nelly02

    Number 2 is just bloody fantastic! hitler doll creepy but cool and i did have a laugh at ‘wang-holder’

  • donuteyes

    wait, so is chuck norris supposed to be tough? and the joke is that he’s so tough he can do outlandish, impossible things? seems stupid.

  • Krashtester

    Chuck Norris took out that jet. Bang!

  • Anonymous

    er’body, back to the pile!!!

  • Razi


  • MikeK

    #18 Ur doing it wrong…

  • Carmine

    #15 the only thing more dangerous than the F-22 raptor in the air……………….. Chuck

  • duffman0313

    #1 Oh Hell yeah they were all my friends made fun of me for watching until i showed them why

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