Daily Afternoon Randomness (24 Photos)

  • http://www.pin4profit.com michael

    That mini-van would be great…

  • https://twitter.com/@imstevefrancis Francis

    #19 FINALLY i found someone i know on this website…. And dont ask whats going on

  • Kfarsch

    Actually just about every curling team has atleast a few hotties if not the whole team. Not just Russia or Europe either. USA had one of the hotter teams last olympics.


    #12: but PAYING is a completely different issue ……..

  • BigMike

    #3 Nice going…The child is autistic and is wearing mittens to keep her from injuring herself.
    And Chivers, don't ever use the word retard…it's like the n-bomb, only targeted against the defenseless. Unless, of course, you really are that crude. Then people won't care what you say anyway.

  • TheKnothead

    #22 …can we say pathetic?

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