Hot Olympic athletes (18 photos)

  • confused

    if the chive keeps these types of pictures up it may replace google as my home page

  • aaron

    where is madeleine dupont and her sister

  • curling fan

    no curling chicks? oh come on those girls are any mans dream.

  • Mustafa_Beer

    I would pay #7 to hurt me…

  • q

    more like, #7 would hurt you if you didn’t pay her

  • JohnnyT

    Where’s my future ex-wife Cheryl Bernard? I would suck a fart outta her ass.

  • top dog

    No summer olympic female athletes? they run around half naked. I gotta admit, I do love the female figure skaters.

  • Jaroff

    I’m dissapointed. i thought it said “math-letes.” ;(

  • confused

    Maybe the chive is going to do a better one in a couple of days and this was just meant to tie us over till den?

  • vitorla

    Hottest USA athlete = Julia Mancuso….hands down.

  • etchasketchasaurus

    Not sure who any of these are since I don’t watch the Winter Olympics ….but hello #11

  • brcko

    kristi leskinen FTW 🙂

  • HellHathNoFury

    #3, sammich stat!
    12 has some perfect legs.

  • Steve

    wow 1,4,5,11…. gorgeous…. anyone know their names/events that they do in the olympics?

    • Baldy

      4 is Kimi Zakreski. She's a canadian snowboarder

  • Anonymous

    #11…extreme jealousy, slight lesbian desires being felt right now

    • Mark

      It looks funny when you say “lesbian” with that avatar

  • Joe Clyde

    It’s hard to stalk these women without names.

    Thanks Chive.

  • Superfresh

    #7 looks like a dude.

  • MacheteJack

    I was all prepped to complain about no names being attached to these world class athletes, then #8 hit, and I stopped giving a shit about ANYTHING else.

  • noah

    mmmmm #12 gretchen bleiler mmmmm

  • Daner

    why the eff are there never names listed with the pictures ? pointless

    • masshole

      yeah. label the pics for christ’s sake. LAZYYYY.

  • Anonymous

    Why just women? No hot male Olympic athletes?

  • Dylan

    #15 & #17 are Ashleigh McIvor

    • Colin

      Does anyone know who #8 & #10 are? I am completely in love.

  • dr3w

    one of the Skeleton girls on the US

  • dr3w

    one of the Skeleton girls on the US team is pretty good lookin’…

  • jeff in Australia

    Not fair…! To be good enough at ANYTHING to represent your country, AND be good to look at as well… not fair..

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